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The Amazing Spider-man

Though it's taken a while to do this review ,the film was at the cinema in July ,yes it's taken this long to do the review, basically I wanted to not just concentrate a on plot by plot review as we all know Spider-man ,and if not why not?

Now I am no Spider-man fanatic, or collector. But I do like the series and as a youngster I did read the comics ( all given away years ago) ,now I suppose in my adult life the first time I really got interested in Spider- man again was when Treyarch released the Spider-man game on Playstation 1 .

Being a avid gamer it was the first time a truly memorial game came out that depicted the comic in such a way.

When the Sam Raimi motion picture was released in 2002, me and friends rushed to the cinema to see it, it was such a enjoyable film, Toby McQuire playing the mild mannered Peter Parker who gets bitten by a spider on a school outing and in turn becomes the vigilante superhero.

Everything from the comics I read was there ,from his job at the Daily Bugle as the freelance photographer who catches Spidey in the act.

When sequels where released they lived up to my expectations ,mainly because of the cast staying together and in many ways Sam Raimi does very little wrong in his films, they entertain to high level .

So when it was announced that the planned Spider-man 4 movie by Raimi was cancelled due to time constraints on Raimi to get a plausible script and story together for the planned release dates by the publishers ,Raimi confirmed he could not do justice and the team where having trouble where to take the series after no'3 . And given the planned release date of the film ,the publishers decided to reboot the series with a new director and a new man in the role as Spider-man.

It was announced that the film would retell the story of Peter Parker the boy that becomes a man after unforeseen circumstances happen to him. The film would be titled ''The Amazing Spider-man'' ,taking it's cue from the original comics published from 1963 to 1976 . The first films by Sam Raimi played more on the comic series published from 1976 onwards ( the ones I myself read) , ''The Spectacular Spider-man'' , even though The Spectacular Spider-man originally came to light in 1968 when John Romita Sr. drew for a special 2issue novella aimed at more adult readers.

Unsure I was of how it would go , but I probably should have not worried about it. The film starts in a similar vain to the Raimi films , the story where seeing is the same but with some very major differences, Parker's character is not as timid as the Peter Parker we see Toby McQuire portray in the Raimi films. .

Yes he gets bullied at school ,but a lot of that is because he stands up to them ,knowing he can't beat them , there's a bit more behind the story of Parker's father and mother and their death. It all starts when Peter finds his dads old briefcase in the cellar where he lives with his aunt and uncle.

At first the only article he finds is a picture of his father Richard Parker with his scientific partner Dr, Curt Connors

a supposed friend of his father ,but a man who never visited Peter or his Uncle after the death of his father .

Peter was young when his parents took him to his uncle and aunts after they where burgled , after this they disappeared. On further investigation Peter finds documents are hidden in the case in the lining, It's these that will lead him to Oscorp his fathers former work place and the current workplace of Dr,Curt Connors.

Planning to just turn up and talk with Dr Connors ,when asked to see Connors the receptionist if he's here for the intern-ship to take his visitors badge from the ones beside him. Choosing to pick a Latino name ( cool ) he and the receptionist exchange Latino greetings and he of he goes.

The one thing he did not count on was the chief intern who just happens to be classmate Gwen Stacy ,she knows he ain't Mr Garcia or whoever he has on his name card.

Impressing Dr Connors with his knowledge ( not hard he has his fathers documents at home) he feels he must find out more.

Dr Connors has been trying to manufacture a rejuvenation drug that could regrow peoples limbs by utilising spider and reptile DNA. . Of course all tests have failed and Connors is under pressure from the Oscorp corporation as their President needs the drug to stay alive.

Whilst there Peter bumps a man who drops his papers ,on the papers are logo's and diagrams similar to the papers Peter has at home of his fathers. He decides to investigate and enters a security area . It's here that his fate will turn forever . Of course wandering of gets him in trouble with Stacy who asks for his pass and tells him to leave.

From here on in the film treads much the same ground as we all know , it does have the scenario of his uncle Ben's death a story thread from The Spectacular Spider-man ,though I think it appeared in later versions of The Amazing Spider-man.

Also the film is much darker ,in perspective to the Raimi films ,which had a very cartoon flavour to them. The Spider-man suit is more detailed with a web detail ribbed into it, it is said that Andrew Garfield wore nothing under the suit as it was so skin tight. .

It's also been criticised that the villain character played by Rhys Ifans who is Dr Connors who then transforms himself into a big Lizard is not in keeping with the times of modern film making, but I thought it cool ,it may have harked back to the old Godzilla movies with a tad more technical input but Lizard Man reminded me of Gorro from the Mortal Kombat film.

One thing that made me think oh NO! Was character Gwen Stacy is not only Chief intern under Dr,Connors but her father is the Police Captain in charge of catching Spider-man ,who they believe is a criminal at large just like any other criminal. But even when Dr Lizard goes on the rampage ( cor! Do you remember that game Lizard man is ideal for it) and Peter tries to stop him the Polices main target remains to be Spider-man ,i guess they think he will be easier to catch.

Now when Spider-man does a rescue on the bridge ,is that guy C Thomas Howell ( The Hitcher) ,looks like him.

Of note the Andrew Garfield did a lot of his stunts on film and trained extensively in Piliates , stretching and fitness for the film. Even still he still felt the pinch with some days ending in exhaustion.

The Stunt team was led by Vic and Andy Armstrong with Richard Norton who played a Swat officer in the film.

I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-man it was a fun ride on the big screen ,with a little over two hours running time it sped by without any lingering bits, and that's a good thing ,because if it can keep you entertained for that amount of time then it must be a success in film making.

For fans wishing to see the film time and time again ,it will be released on DVD and Bluray on November 9th 2012.

A soundtrack album was released on the films day of release under the Sony Classical Banner. A video game was also published which was developed by Beenox and released on June 26th 2012. It cam out XBOX 360,PS3,Wii,PC,Nintendo DS and 3DS.

So if your into your Spider-man then once you have seen the latest film you can indulge your obsession further.

Spider-man Truly Amazing

Reviewed By Cosplay88

Review Date : 06-10-2012



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Directed by Marc Webb
Produced by Avi Arad
Laura Ziskin

Matt Tolmach
Screenplay by James Vanderbilt
Alvin Sargent

Steve Kloves
Story by James Vanderbilt
Based on The Amazing Spider-Man by
Stan Lee

Steve Ditko
Starring Andrew Garfield
Emma Stone

Rhys Ifans

Denis Leary

Campbell Scott

Irrfan Khan

Martin Sheen

Sally Field
Music by James Horner
Cinematography John Schwartzman
Editing by Alan Edward Bell
Pietro Scalia
Studio Marvel Entertainment
Laura Ziskin Productions
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date(s)
  • June 30, 2012 (Tokyo premiere)
  • July 3, 2012 (United States)
Running time 136 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $230 million
Box office $751,951,848