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         High School of the Dead

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High School of the Dead

episodes 1-6

By Daisuke Sato

Here we look at the Anime version of Daisuke Sato's High School of the Dead Manga , the series is produced by Madhouse and directed by Tetsuro Araki.

Looking at the first six episodes of the twelve episode series we give a insight into the series and what gives it that edge so many miss.

Now the story starts of course in a High School and surrounds our lead protagonist Takashi Komuro , when a pandemic of mass proportions hits the world the first Takashi knows about it is when he sees teachers confront a man at the front gates of the school , after the first teacher is attacked and bitten by the man , he in turn attacks and kills a fellow teacher , the fallen teacher covered in blood and dead on the floor gets up and like a fly drawn to excrement attacks another teacher , Takashi looks on in amazement as more and more people get attacked and in turn turn into blood thirsty killers themselves.

A night mare from the outset Takashi has to come to terms with what looks like a Zombie infestation. When he and fellow students try to make a break for it they end up trapped on the roof ,but Takashi's friend Hiashi has been bitten and is about to turn into a flesh eating Zombie .

With his last words as a living human Takashi agrees to kill him as he turns. In the final moments Takashi does something he thought he never could ,he uses his trusty bat to Kill his best friend. .

On the roof with him is Rei Miyamoto a child hood friend who has a distant relationship with him ,in shock Rei seems harsh with Takashi for killing Hiashi.

But when push comes to shove they have to make a break for it or die on the roof ,Elsewhere in the school other students are panicking and getting infected in the mass exodus happening. . Saya Takagi and Kohta Hirano are a two students brought together by the sadistic happenings ,normally these two would not give each other the time of day ,but in the heat of the moment Saya finds her best protection is Khota who has armed himself with a nail gun.

Another student Saeko Busujima who also happens to be the school Kendo expert saves the school nurse Shizuka Marikawa after she gets trapped by a horde of Zombies.

Now in the melee of attacks happening around our three pairs meet up whilst being tracked by the zombies. Deciding to break out of the school and head for the school bus is a safer bet then staying put ,especially after hearing on the radio that the zombie attack has escalated to the cities and beyond .

Breaking out of the school they realise that the zombies have no sense of seeing them ,they only attack by sound ,so the idea is to sneak past them ,but when the group find another bunch of school kids held up they band together, but there new found friends are somewhat more fragile and quite not comprehending the situation, scared they run for the bus ,but a disturbance sounds the alarm for the zombies ,running like mad they have to fight there way to the bus hacking and slashing through what was once their friends and classmates. As they are about to leave they notice another group of kids lead by one of the teachers by the name of Koichi Shido .

It's pretty obvious that Rei dislikes the teacher as she wants them to leave the others behind.

Anyway Shido and the other kids get on board ,minus one which gets injured whilst running and Shido leaves him behind to be eaten.

On the outside they realise that the zombie attacks are a global pandemic and every one is trying to get out of the city ,authorities have restricted people crossing the river and people are panicking, it becomes apparent that life is never going to be the same and Takashi realises that they must be wary of uninfected people as well as the zombies as people change and become offensive when their lives are at stake. Looters are out in force and total control has been lost .

Rei decides to leave the bus as Shido is bugging her ( I think he's a paedophile or some crazed lunatic ) ,Takashi tries to stop her but they get trapped by a zombie attack and have to head of in another direction promising to meet the group later at the police station on the other side of the river , of course getting across the river is going to be more difficult then they expected.

Eventually Saya,Khoto,Saeko and Shizuka get of the bus while it's gridlocked in traffic. Shido is being a arse and is wanting to act dictator to his minions .

Now it's tough as all are on foot ,luckily Takashi and Rei get hold of a motor bike after Takashi is attacked by the zombie who looked like he rode it.

More trouble come to Takashi and Rei as they try and get to their destination, Takashi has to deal with a irate citizen who is hell bent on getting what he wants ,it's here Takashi finds out how little life can be worth.

With both parties having trouble crossing the bridge they eventually come across each-other in battle ,lucky really as Sako,Khota and the others where really outnumbered and weapons where running low .

They decide to head for Shizuka's friends apartment for some well earned rest and to get them selves together . Getting into the apartment might be risky due to the surrounding zombies but once in their pretty safe for a while, inside they get clean and get fed, Khota and Takashi find a store of some heavy artillery, which will come in very handy, but the guys are also curious as to who Shinzuka's friend is .

This pretty much gives a overview of the first six episodes of the series , but why is this so good? Well for one this is a very adult anime , there's a big influence on the girls showing their breasts,bums and knickers whilst fighting ,running and generally at any occasion really, Episode six plays like some soft porn film in places ,as the girls relax and take a bath together which ends up in them grabbing each-others tits and such like , it gets even more crazy when they each in turn try and seduce Takashi whose more caught up in how he's going to fight the horde of flesh eating zombies outside .

The battles are also quite gruesome with heads being blown to bits ,people turning against each-other for the most trivial of things, there's also the underlying fact that the authorities are more concerned with containing the Pandemic then saving the people falling prey to it.

One scene sees a young woman running with her child in her arms amongst the zombie horde ,the police are shooting the horde and the woman is shouting don't shoot I have my baby here , as the police look on the child bites into the neck of the mother turning her into a flesh eater that the police have to shoot.

High School of the dead is fine anime and has a great voice cast for both the Japanese and English versions. You can really comprehend the way that the saviour of the city could be a group of school kids who have the courage to band together to fight for their lives, it's also great the way characters change from their perceived view ,Khota the school nerd who just happens to be really good at nailing the zombies happens to be a expert in guns unbeknownst to his colleagues.

Saeko shows her ability with her sword and that her training is not just for show ,even Rei shows she can take care of herself in a situation. . This is a good anime which will entertain ,though be warned the content is not for young children .

Now to get into the next six parts and see where we are heading as our group go up against the horde.

I'm quaking in my boots already


January 2013


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Written by Daisuke Satō
Illustrated by Shōji Satō
Published by Fujimi Shobo (Magazine)
Kadokawa Shoten (
Tankōbon, Vol. 1-5)
English publisher
Yen Press
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Dragon Age
English magazine
Yen Plus
Original run September 2006April 25, 2011 (Hiatus)
Anime television series
Directed by Tetsurō Araki
Produced by Mitsutoshi Ogura
Written by Yōsuke Kuroda
Music by Takafumi Wada
Studio Madhouse
Licensed by
Madman Entertainment
Sentai Filmworks
Manga Entertainment
Network AT-X, TV Kanagawa, Tokyo MX, Chiba TV, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, TV Saitama, Sun TV
English network
Anime Network
Original run July 5, 2010September 20, 2010
Episodes 12 
Original video animation
Drifters of the Dead
Directed by Tetsurō Araki
Produced by Mitsutoshi Ogura
Written by Yōsuke Kuroda
Music by Takafumi Wada
Studio Madhouse
Licensed by
Sentai Filmworks
Released April 27, 2011
Runtime 15 minutes
Source: Wikipedia






Episode 01 - Spring of the Dead -end title song  - The Day you and the Sun Died

Episode 02 - Escape from the Dead - end title song - Color Me Dark

Episode 03 - Democracy Under the Dead - end title song - Return to Destiny

Episode 04 - Running in the Dead - end title song -Cold Bullet Blues

Episode 05 - Streets of the Dead - end title song -Memories of Days Gone By

Episode 06 - In the Dead of Night - end title song - -Under the Honey Shrine

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