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            NATURAL CITY



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Natural City

When you think Science Fiction cinema ,your mostly think of the USA or Japan as the leading edge in such genre ,even the UK has had a fair amount of success with the genre.

Now South Korea is not one associated with Science Fiction. Korean cinema excels in gritty thrillers and cop dramas,Comedies and horror.

Now Natural City is a film from 2003 , it got a Western release on DVD and is quite well known to Asian film fans of whatever genre.

The film is directed by Min Byeong-Cheon and stars Yoo Ji-Tai ( Old Boy ,Running Wild) and Jeong Doo Hong ( Arahan,Fighter in the Wind,Brotherhood).

The film focuses on the year 2080 and artificial life forms such as Cyborgs are common place ,some are used in work environments ,the military or even as companionship dolls.

These Cybernetic beings have a life of three years ,after this they must be recycled .

R ( Yoo Ji-Tai) is a policeman along with his friend and superior Noma they protect the city mainly from renegade cyborgs .

Technology has moved on and new findings have surfaced to make it possible to transfer a dyeing Cyborgs memory into a Human subjects brain providing they are compatible .

This raises problems for R and Noma , For a renegade cyborg by the name of Cypher( Jeong Doo Hong ) wants to do just that ,he knows his time is up and wants to transfer .

When R and Noma and their team get into a battle with Cypher ,many lives are lost ,Noma blames R for this as his obsession with his own cyborg ,Ria ,who R is in love with has effected his concentration and priorities.

Ria is a dying cyborg ,R frequently trades cyborg memory chips ,which his friend Noma overlooks. But when R is set on finding Ria a subject for memory transferal things start to get complicated . For the subject a a young girl by the name of Cyon is also the subject Cypher wants for his own transfer.

The story of Natural City is quite a good one ,it lends it self to a race against time as our two Cyborgs of the story are dyeing and they must find Cyon to continue to live. Of course Cyon is a street kid and is bewildered as to why people are after her. But when it becomes apparent it will come down to R doing the right thing.

One thing about Natural City is it has a realistic look about it ,as if the sets where made for real, there are a few parts which are CGI to add the end effect.

Production wise the film looks good and the actors pull it of ,my only gripe is the story can be a little confusing at times. Also the characters seem a little cold ,there not explored enough for the viewer to connect with anyone making it hard to care for anyone with any real feeling.

This is where the film lets it self down a bit. But lucky enough the action and story comes together in the later part of the film.

Natural City is a clever film with it's own look and feel ,even though it borrows from many classics like Blade runner and Tetsuo and more.


Reviewer : Cosplay88

Review Date : April 2014.




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Directed by Min Byeong-cheon
Produced by Lee Dong-jun
Written by Min Byeong-cheon
Starring Yoo Ji-tae
Lee Jae-eun
Seo Lin
Music by Lee Jae-jin
Distributed by Tube Entertainment
Release date(s) September 5, 2003
Running time 113 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean



  • Yoo Ji-tae as R
  • Lee Jae-eun as Cyon
  • Seo Lin as Ria
  • Jeong Eun-pyo as Croy
  • Yoon Chan as Noma
  • Jeong Doo-hong as Cypher
  • Ko Ju-hye as Ami

 source : wikipedia