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                         Pacific Rim



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Pacific Rim

From Godzilla to Transformers , film fans have had their fair share of Monster films over the years, now you would think it would be impossible to create something fresh in the genre and that can be aimed at a mainstream audience .

Now the idea behind Pacific Rim was devised by it's co-writer Travis Beacham way back in 2006/07. But it took another three years and a partnership in the writing department with famed director Guillermo Del-Toro to come to actually being made.

The idea was to create a film that brought back memories of those child hood films and programs where big monsters and robots battled each-other to save the planet.

Since those days of Gamera , King Kong and even the Power Rangers or Ultra man not many have been successful in creating a new take on the genre other then that seen in Japanese Animé.

The film Transformers went quite a way to making a good monster mech film about warring lifeforms from another planet but it's sequels have just retreaded the same story again and offered nothing new.

Here the story is one of a world on the brink of destruction after a inter-dimensional portal opens on the sea bed of the Pacific ocean which brings a alien force of monsters which are out to wipe out the human race and take over the earth for themselves till they bleed it dry and move on to the next planet.

Named the Kaiju the monsters wreak havoc as they attack cities and ports slowly wiping out communities .

With each new wave of Kaiju the size of the attacking monsters get bigger , these are rated from level 1 to 5 being the biggest , in response to fighting the monsters the military design a troop of Mechanical tower block high robots named the Jaeger .

To operate the Jaeger a pilot is needed ,but early tests showed that a one man operated mech put to much strain on the operator as the unit is linked with the operators brain.

By having two pilots for each side of the Jaeger the two pilots could work in unison by linking their brains to the unit and each other ,but this also mean't that pilots had to be perfectly matched to co-exist in unison operating the large Jaeger mechs .

Here Charlie Hunnam plays one Raliegh Becket who along with his brother Yancy pilot one such Jaeger.

But when a Kaiju attack takes the life of Yancy and Raliegh barely survives it seems the fight might be lost against the mighty Kaiju.

With each attack the Kaiju are getting stronger and the effect of the Jaeger is not as strong as at first.

Shifting five years later and the all hope for actually fighting the beasts are given up ,the Jaeger program is more or less folded and all Jaegers are transported to Hong Kong to protect the ports .

The idea for the rest of the world is to build a wall to keep out the Kaiju.

Raliegh is working in construction when his old commander Stacker Pentecost comes to him to pilot a old Jaeger which he piloted which has been restored. .

It seems the last days of the fight will be fought in the east as the remaining Jaeger will team up to fight any threat.

Stacker has a plan to attack the Kaiju at their portal but it seems the attacks are getting more regular and even bigger Kaiju are appearing .

To Pilot the Jaeger Raliegh will need a co-pilot ,and it's here where introduced to Mori a Asian girl whose felt the full brunt of the Kaiju as a child .

Being able to match each other in combat seems a vital part of matching partners ,or drifting as they call it here.

Of course Stacker is reluctant to pair them up for reasons left secret from Raliegh by both parties.

Things hot up when scientists working to find a way to stop the Kaiju have a idea to link with a Kaiju brain to learn what their plan is ,when it works and they unfold what will become of earth if they don't act fast it's race to attack at the right moment.

But the Kaiju have learnt as well as by linking brains the scientists have discovered their plans ,but also the Kaiju have learnt more about man's ideas to.

Now I was not sure about Pacific Rim prior to viewing , and even in the first twenty minutes I had a hard time feeling attached to the characters and story.

Not every character works well , in fact one of the scientists by the name of Hermann Gotilieb ( Burn Gorman) is quite irritating and even though Del Toro states he is supposed to be typical tweed wearing Englishman , his character does not gel well with the film .

We also have Ron Perlman ( Sons of Anarchy) as a black market trader in Kaiju body parts, who actually brings a little comedy to the proceedings ,though I don't think it was as intentional as it comes across.

There are moments in the film which come together well ,like the first time Raliegh and Mori drift together and of course the many battles between the Kaiju and the Jaeger ,but of course this down to CGI .

The Kaiju designs for most part are quite unique and being from the sea portal come across looking like some prehistoric creatures from beneath the fathoms.

With a running time of a little over two hours Pacific Rim was enjoyable and the time went by quickly and I must admit I did not realise the running time was so long.

The soundtrack to the film is quite well fitting and the theme used when the Jaeger launch into action is a fitting piece to get you excited for the coming action.

In the end Pacific Rim is a good enjoyable big budget Monster movie . It has it's moments when you fell your thick in the action ,but it also has times when it lacks passion and having the characters evolve enough to have you care about them.

In the end the stars of the film end up being the CGI effects ,the Kaiju and the Jaeger.

Reviewer : JB

Review Date : November 2013.







Directed by Guillermo del Toro
Produced by
  • Thomas Tull
  • Jon Jashni
  • Guillermo del Toro
  • Mary Parent
Screenplay by
  • Travis Beacham
  • Guillermo del Toro
Story by Travis Beacham
  • Charlie Hunnam
  • Idris Elba
  • Rinko Kikuchi
  • Charlie Day
  • Robert Kazinsky
  • Max Martini
  • Ron Perlman
Music by Ramin Djawadi
Cinematography Guillermo Navarro
Editing by
  • Peter Amundson
  • John Gilroy
Studio Legendary Pictures
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s)
  • July 1, 2013 (Mexico City)
  • July 12, 2013 (United States)
Running time 132 minutes
Country United States
Language English


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