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Ponyo is a 2008 Animated fantasy adventure by Hayao Miyazaki . Produced by Studio Ghibli it's the eighth film he has done for Ghibli.

The story surrounds a Goldfish by the name of Brunhilde. Whilst out with her father( who was once human but now a underwater wizard) one day in her fathers submarine she has the longing to see more of the world . Hitching a ride a top a Jelly fish she ventures out , but when she gets caught up with a fishing trawler which is cleaning the area she gets trapped in a bottle and floats to shore.

It's here she will encounter Sosuke , a young boy who lives on a hill top with his mother and his father who is a ships Captain. Whilst playing by the waters edge with his boat he stumbles across Brunhilde in the bottle , in getting her free from the bottle he cuts his finger on the glass ,Brunhilde licks his finger , which instantly heals.

Bid to save the little gold fish he pits her in a bucket of water and she come around , he then decides to take her to school as his mother ( Lisa) is beckoning him to get ready and go. On their travels Sosuke shows his mother the goldfish and says he has named her Ponyo . Feeding Ponyo some food he finds that she has a appetite for ham.

When they arrive at school and Lisa's work , which just happens to be next to the school . It's quite surprising they got there really as Lisa drives like a lunatic nearly killing them both on the way ( maybe that's why there's so many accidents on school run journeys ) , Sosuke decides to hide the bucket by Lisa's work which is a Home for senior citizens.

Meanwhile Ponyo Father Fujimoto is livid with worry as he thinks Sosuke has kidnapped Ponyo and summons the wave spirits to bring Brunhilde (Ponyo) back .

After finding a new found friend Sosuke is most upset when Ponyo is captured by the spirits and brought back to her father , but back at home Ponyo is confrontational with her father and airs her desire to be human and that her name is no longer Brunhilde but Ponyo. With this desire she starts to grow hands and feet( all due to licking Sosuke's wound) , Fujimoto tries to subdue Ponyo but her desire is to strong and while her father is out her siblings help her escape .

This causes trouble as the spirits are restless about this and Ponyo's powers of the sea can cause a unbalance in the world. In a dash to get back to Sosuke , Ponyo causes a Storm close to a Tsunami where ships pile up in the sea , the town where they live gets major storm damage .

Now Lisa and Sosuke are on their way home in a torrential storm ( again Lisa endangers her child’s life and her own, I am not getting in a car with her no way) , on the way Sosuke spots a young girl in the storm riding a big fish, Ponyo has transformed into a little girl (not bad for a fish) . Lisa stops the car to see ,but loses site of her ,when they get home in front of them is Ponyo waiting for them ,she leaps on Sosuke as he gets out of the car ,realising it's Ponyo ( now a little girl) he feels quite happy ,Lisa is asking do you know her ,Sosuke replies yes it's Ponyo she's turned in to a little girl. What gets me is Lisa seems fine with this. Fish turn in to humans all the time you know!

It's all quite cute really but very compelling to watch, the animation is wonderful to watch and having a story which ,and I know this may seem crazy ,but down to earth ,it plays like a classic Walt Disney film and probably is why Walt Disney is responsible for the distribution in the USA.

What makes it so compelling is the way Ponyo has powers to help others ,when Lisa has to go check up on the Senior citizens in the home because she's worried for them ,she gets stranded there because of the storm and floods, Sosuke and Ponyo go to her in his toy boat, It will all have to end or something has to give , Fujimoto calls upon Ponyo's mother Gramamarie aka Goddess of Mercy to conclude the upset, but it will be left in Sosuke's hands as he must prove his love for Ponyo and if successful Ponyo will get the gift of Human Life ,in-turn losing her powers and returning balance to the world .



So there’s no doubt in this reviewers mind that Ponyo is a first rate feature from Miyazaki , the hand drawn animation has such depth that it leaps out at you. From the family friendly characters to the Catchy theme tune ,whether sung in Japanese or English.

The DVD featured both Japanese and English soundtracks ,i chose to view my first viewing in Japanese with Subtitles as I am a bit of a purest. But I will be sure to view the English version before I part with it.

From a DVD point of view ,i would like UK and European DVD's featured DTS sound more as it's far superior ,this would be my only gripe.

At 101 minutes Ponyo is no short trip but your find time whizzes past with so much going on .

I usually favour more aggressive Anime like Akira , Fate Stay Night and Bleach. But I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed this sea-bound adventure and am glad I added it to my Love-film rental list.

Review Date : August 25th 2012

Reviewer : Cosplay88


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Directed by Hayao Miyazaki
Produced by Toshio Suzuki

Koji Hoshino
Screenplay by Hayao Miyazaki
Story by Hayao Miyazaki
Starring Yuria Nara
Hiroki Doi
Tomoko Yamaguchi

George Tokoro

Kazushige Nagashima
Music by Joe Hisaishi
Cinematography Atsushi Okui
Editing by Takeshi Seyama
Studio Studio Ghibli
Distributed by Toho (Japan)
Walt Disney Pictures
(North America)
Release date(s)
  • July 19, 2008
Running time 101 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Budget ¥3.4 billion
(US$34 million)