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                Tank! Tank! Tank! - Wii U 

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Tank'Tank'Tank or Tank x3 to save on typing, is a Action Arcade game by Bandai Namco , released in Japan and North America in 2009 .

Players control tanks in solo or team modes to protect cities from Invasions from Monsters ,Robots and anything menacing .

Players faces are photographed to use as a avatar in the game , As Monsters attack you and your buddies must shoot at the attacker to deplete it's energy bar to complete the mission and then move on to the next mission.

There are various power ups scattered about the city to enhance your weaponry, to gain access to these you will need to destroy buildings to uncover them at times , so collateral damage is evident in the game . Playing out like some Japanese Monster movie of the 70's the visuals of the game are bright and colourful with a cartoon feel to them.

Now in November 2012 the game released as a exclusive on the Nintendo Wii U console as a launch title , selling for a reasonable £25.00 approx, in Japan it was released as a Free To Play game in a download form , the download gave restrictions on the amount of times you could play the game a day ,it also locked out a couple of modes ,namely Story mode and My Kong. .These modes could be purchased through the Japanese Eshop .Buyers can choose what modes they wanted and purchase accordingly.

The game was on display at various events in the UK prior to launch and proved quite popular.

As of February 14th 2013 the game became Free To Play in the UK and Europe with a similar structure to the Japanese version. With a game playtime of three uses a day which is reset the next day you could just download the basic pack for free and have a good time.

Or you could do what my self and what many on Miiverse seem to be doing and downloading the Story mode for £7.99 and My Kong mode which is on a 80% discount till the 28th of February2013 at £1.59 (Goes up to £ 7.99 after that ) so if your quick you can spend under a tenner or after the sale £15.00 and get a good game .

For the Wii U the game works magnificently , Story modes is excellent and throws all sorts of foes at you, and with up to two players is very engaging.

The other modes are great for up to four players ,with one on the gamepad and others on Wii Remotes. My Kong mode is brilliant fun as the gamepad player takes on the role of a attacking monster ( photo of face all attached ,it's so funny) whilst his friends control the Tanks attacking him. .

Tankx3 is a refreshing game straight from the arcades and brings back the days of the Dreamcast and it's many excellent arcade game conversions.

And what makes it really good now is you can FTP it for as much as you want (3 times a day) until your ready to upgrade.

In the end Tankx3 is a fun game and good conversion from the arcade , Bandai Namco have done the Wii U proud with it's launch games . This may not be a in depth adventure game like Batman or Darksiders ,but at a cheap price it could be the best money you spent for so much fun.

Review Date 15th February 2013

Bruno B.


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Developer Namco Bandai
Publisher Namco Bandai (formerly Namco Limited)
Platforms Arcade, Wii U
Release dates Arcade
  • JP October 15, 2009
  • NA October 15, 2009
Wii U
  • JP December 26, 2012 (digital) FTP
    February 21, 2013 (retail)
  • NA November 18, 2012
  • EU November 30, 2012- FTP (digital )14th February 2013 
  • AUS November 30, 2012
Genre Action
Modes Single-player
Multiplayer (from 2 to 4 players in multiplayer mode)
Display Raster

 source : wikipedia