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Time Traveller – the girl who leapt through time

Based on the 1967 novel ''The Girl Who Leapt Through Time'' by Yasutaka Tsutsui ,Time Traveller is a the fourth film to be adapted from the novel.

The original story follows a young girl by the name of Kazuko Yoshiyama a schoolgirl who finds the ability to time travel. It was originally put out as seven instalments in Gakken Secondary School aimed magazines ,it's popularity found it being published into a book in 1967.

Time Traveller is the third live action film to be based on the story ,the first film released in 1983 was released internationally by Toei , and it has proved very popular around the world.

There were TV dramas produced earlier in 1972 which aired in two episodes named Time Traveller and Zoku Time Traveller and starred Mayumi Asano in the lead.

Probably one of the most well known of late in the West especially would be the Anime adaptation of the story ,this 2006 anime changes the characters ,as this time the main protagonist is the niece of Kazuko Yoshiyama , a girl named Makoto Konno. Her voice was provided by Rilsa Naka.

Now to the 2010 film which we are reviewing here, this time it is the daughter of Kazuko Yoshiyama , Akari Yoshiyama who must go back in time to deliver a message for her mother .Of note Akari is portrayed by Rilsa Naka .

Now it's 2010 and Kazuko Yoshiyama is a pharmaceutical scientist who discovers how to make a potion to travel in time. But after Kazuko is involved in a traffic accident and is in and out of consciousness ,it becomes the task of her daughter Akari to deliver a message to a young boy she met in 1972.

After convincing Akari to go her lab and take a potion she has concocted ( not that it takes much convincing) . But being as Akari is confused by the days events she gets the date wrong and ends up in 1974.

It will be up to her to try and find the young man known as Ken ,but as she has arrived to years to late her task will involve her taking refuge with a kind hearted young amateur film aker by the name of Ryota Mizorok. She pretends to be his cousin while he helps her find the mysterious young man ,but when she has no luck she finds her only is to confront her own mother ,not easy when you and your mother are the same age in 1974.

Now I have known about the story for a while ,but had yet to see the novel ,Anime or any of the film adaptations. Usually my anime consists of more action orientated fight fests or sci-fi heavy robots and stuff.

Any way I picked up the anime a short while ago ( about two weeks ago to be honest) and then I saw this film on amazon and thought I will try that.

Now being thyat more often then not Live action adaptations of Manga and Anime sometimes gets diluted or even worse. I thought right I must view this with a fresh mind .So it is this that I am watching first. The anime 2006 review will follow in a couple of weeks.

Now Akari ends up living for a short while in 1974 and experiencing a less technical age ,and also finding that people in the 70's did not have the luxury’s of the modern age.

Now if you found out you had to wash in a sink and use a communal bath once a week you might be thinking you have hit rock bottom, but that's exactly what it was like back then ,i know. We didn't even have bathroom until the late 70's in our own house.

Using the same sink to wash in as you would wash your dishes in. Now that's what's great about this film ,it really is the fish out of water story ,but at the same time Akari must not upset the apple-cart and let on who she really is ,though Ryota knows as she did drop on him from the air.

So with this in mind your find yourself taken back to a more innocent time which will have many similarities for those who where around then. But being in this time frame Akari will find herself becoming attached to her new found friends .

Some will say fate is what you make , for Akari it was her fate to go back to 1974 instead of 1972. But when truths come about and Akari realises that some people might be in trouble she finds her self on the line of changing the past and we all know the one rule of time travel ,you must not interfere with the past as it will have untold circumstances in the future including your own existence .

Time Traveller is a fine film , and one that will make you laugh and no doubtfully cry as well , I must admit some scenes left me on the edge of my seat while others make you feel so sad .

Rilsa Naka is brilliant as Akari and for those who have seen the the anime will feel at home I'm sure as it is Rilsa that voices the main character there.

I actually can not wait to view the anime now and I'm sure I will want to try and track down the original 1983 film now as well .

Time Traveller is such a sad film but at the same time very uplifting ,as with hope all will turn out for the better in the end.


November 2012


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Directed by Masaaki Taniguchi
Screenplay by Tomoe Kanno
Based on Toki o Kakeru Shōjo by
Yasutaka Tsutsui
Starring Riisa Naka
Music by Tatsuya Murayama
Cinematography Shogo Ueno
Editing by Ryuji Miyajima
Release date(s)
  • March 13, 2010
Running time 122 min
Country Japan
Language Japanese