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          TOKI TORI 2 - Wii U


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Toki Tori 2

The Wii U console is a fine piece of kit from Nintendo, but sadly it's lacking software that makes it a must have system. This I think is partly due to Nintendo releasing the system to early to get a head start on it's rivals.

Luckily the end of March saw a couple of big titles released for the system which increased sales of the system in the UK and parts of Europe (but still not enough to make a impact), but many are concentrating on physical retail disc based releases to assess how the Wii U is doing,

What many of these people don't realise is the constant innovation in Indie software releases on Nintendo's Eshop.

Now April 4th saw a sequel to a game originally on the Game Boy Colour ,which in turn became a WiiWare classic with added enhancements.

Developers Two Tribes have delivered a sequel on the Wii U ( as well as PC/Steam) that oozes Quality and addictive game play.



Toki Tori 2 is a platform Puzzle game where you guide Toki through various levels using just two actions. Toki can whistle a tune to attract nearby creatures or Stomp on the ground to frighten away creatures or break through certain sections.

What makes the game unique is the devilish dare I say learning curve. ,the game throws you in at the deep end old school style with no tutorial or clue as to what to do.

As you clear a section your taken to a map which guides you to the next , from brightly coloured open worlds to a more sinister looking levels with bats and ghostly masks which if touched turn you into fried chicken.



Now I have been playing the game since the days launch and have amassed a few hours on it. One things for sure this is no pushover ,it may look like a cutesy looking children’s game ,but in fact it's a test of ones stamina and level headiness as you try and figure how to get through each level with out a inkling of how to do it.

As the game moves on the levels get more and more larger ,your having to think about what s going going on out of screen to, One of my gripes may be very little movement of the camera ,it would have been nice to see other parts of a level as you tried to decipher your next puzzle.

Miiverse integration is good with players able to post screen shots of where they may be stuck or so they can show how they have completed a certain level.

Even the developers are active on Miiverse which is cool, as they often give some cool insights into the game.

Most levels or puzzles if you like should take approximate twenty minutes to figure out before you move on , I found it pretty random , some I saw the key to straight away while others proved more difficult with one taking me more then a hour to get through .

Graphically the game is pretty wonderful ,with bright well defined colours and detail to each of the little characters and animals.

The way feathers fall of the birds and bugs are a clever detail. Also if Toki gets wet and he runs through some grass ,the grass grows to hide him from adversaries.

Sometimes you get sidetracked just by the graphics and new foe your meet ,then there's the mission to take photo's of all the creatures in the land. One of Toki's whistles brings up a floating camera with which you can take pictures of new animals and other artefacts. All of this is done using the WiiU gamepad pointed at the TV screen .

It's little touches like this that make Toki Tori2 stand out from the crowd and is a worth while addition to the Wii U eshop . Because of course unlike the PSN and Xbox live networks which have over six years worth of these indie style and small developer games ,the Wii U is just starting and everyone it gets needs to be a little bit special to make it worth buying as many gamers nowadays have more then one current gen games machine to play on.

Toki Tori 2 will give you about 15 -20 hours of gameplay ,some will finish it quicker then others while others may take a little longer ,but for those hours your be whisked away to a land of small animals and puzzles to tax your brain .

Review Date : June 2013

Bruno B.






Developers Two Tribes B.V.
Publishers Two Tribes B.V.
Platforms Wii U, Microsoft Windows
Release dates Wii U
April 4, 2013
Microsoft Windows
July 11, 2013
Genres Platform/puzzle
Modes Single-player

 source : Wikipedia