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Nintendo turns up the heat in their latest direct

Posted by Bruno B on April 2, 2015 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello all,

I'm back with some gaming trends that are happening, after last years busy Christmas period ,it looks like the big three still have a way to go to cement their consoles in the new 8th gen era.

Yes we all know Sony's PS4 has stolen the show in the sales department ,shifting more then twenty million consoles since launch with Microsofts XBOX One trailing at around the 12 million mark.

But the big question is where are the games that these systems need so badly.

Other then multi cross platform games ,which sees no need to upgrade to a new machine if you can get the games on your old one.

Halo is a masterful game, but how much do you need to play the games again?

The remaster process with games like The Last of Us,Halo Collection,Tomb Raider defintive edition may give that extra polish to some degree,but it's not worth shelling out £400 on a new console for.

Exclusives are the key and whilst recently the PS4 has recieved ''The Order 1886'' which has not faired well in the review departments on some sites due to the games short lifespan it does showcase the power of the system a bit more

Of course the recently released ''Bloodborne '' looks set to shake things up a bit with FROM Softwares game being a lovely looking game with some hardcore gameplay which is common with FROM's titles.

A reason to own a PS4 ?

But where has Nintendo been , well there Smash Brothers launch before Chistmas garnered them some decent sales  and the New year game ''Captain Toad Treasure Tracker '' has done surpisingly well as a slighlty lower priced title which is not as large as SMW3D but uses that games engine in a new way to tell Toads story.

A fun filled game ,that's sure to delight.

Of course Nintendo's end of year announcemnets of their entry into the Mobile market has turned their profits up but has brought speculation to where they are heading , plus the announcement of a new gamig hardware code named NX spelled the deaf nell for the Wii U as rumours swathed across the interent in minutes of Wii U's early demise .

Now right up to date Nintendo's April 1st Direct for the fans may have made a fool of the naysayers as they confirmed releases dates for titles coming within the next coming months ..

First up is Splatoon '' the third person multi- player shooter which sees you play a squid and must fight by shooting ink at your opponenets and take over their areas. with a frentic online and offline mdoes planned this title could set a new benchmark for games where you can shoot stuff.

Out May 29th in Europe

Plus the games comes amiibo ready with Nintendo's Toys to Life series expanding with another wave of characters appearing this May and June.

Girl Inkling amiibo

June sees the relaese of Yoshi Woolly World ,yes yoshi is back in this yarn based game where up to two players can play co-op in this gorgeous looking platformer.

Again the game is amiibo compatable and a special edition package will be available with a Yarn Yoshi amiibo in real yarn. Plus the amiibo will be available seperatly in three colours.

Yoshi goes amiibo  

Yoshi  comes home on June 26th in EUROPE

Another big announcment was that the West is finally going to get the Localisation of Tecmo's Fatel Frame 'The Black Haired Maiden'' giving the Wii U a much needed mature game in the West which will go nicley with The Devils Third.

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Gaming looks set to be quite exciting over the next few months, and i will be here and at K.I.T.G. with new updates weekly from now. back shortly with even more great gaming news for all systems.

Bruno B.

E3 tHE BIGGEST GAME SHOW ON EARTH - PART 4 - Nintendo keeps giving!

Posted by Bruno B on June 10, 2014 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Faster then a speeding bullet I'm Bruno B . back with our fourth instalment in our e3 breakdown.

This is actually part two of our look at Nintendo's announcements,the first part being on our sister site K.I.T.G..

Leaving of from where i finished with Bayonetta on Wi U in our first part of this segment on K.I.T.G.

I was by now thinking surley they must be thinning out now. , no chance , A game that was total surpise was Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.  Taking the ever popular Toad character and giving him a whole new game all to himself in a game reminiscent of many a Mario title.

But of course Toad has his own abilitites to make the game look and play unique.

Another must buy game from Nintendo -coming 2014 Holiday season

Graphically it takes a cue from Mario 3D world and other Mario games ,what's more this one releases for the holiday season 2014.  Did not see that coming at all.

Without baited breath  another announcement ,that of Hyrule Warriros ,the cross over Zelda / Dynasty Warriors game.  Now I'm abig fan of the Dyansty Warriors games but not all like them ,and many Zelda purists are being abit wierd about this one while others are cool for it.

Thing is the Dynasty Franchise is huge in Japan as is Zelda ,so this will sell bucketloads in it's home country for sure.

And with Zelda creator Eiji Aonuma to oversee what Programmers at Tecmo Koei are doing it looks like the new game will please fans of both series.

Come on when haven't you wanted to have Link swathing his sword through hundreds of foe.?

Hack and Slash your way through hundreds of foe as Link ,Zelda and more.

And you won't have long to wait to play either as it will be out this fall. ..

So is that it ,not by a long shot..

Remember Eiji Aonuma i mentioned above ,well yes you guessed it ,he unveiled the first footage of the official Legend of Zelda Game for Wii U, showing the large expansive open world that Zelda takes place in now. All the series game trates are kept intact with new ways to explore and solve puzzles , instead of having a set route your be able to complete the game in whatever form you want.

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Coming in 2015 the new Zelda game is what Wii U owners have been waiting to see.

Anything else you say , why yes , hows about Mario Maker where you can edit and create your own Mario games and then play them in old school style or switch to a more modern look. With countless possibilities this is going to be giving hours of fun.

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Mario Maker is something the Wii U has been crying out for.

So is that it / for this segment yes. But from Nintendo NO. We still have a few more games to get in to ,tomorrow where be covering the epic RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X , Nintendo's new original shooter ''Splatoon''  and the announcements by Shigeru Miyamoto .

Till then charge your batteries and get set for another button bashing day.

this is Bruno B signing off.

Sony attacks at E3 ,the biggest game show in the world -part 2

Posted by Bruno B on June 10, 2014 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello all, first head over to our sister site news feed to see my first part of my E3 round up. You van view it by clicking here.

In this our second part i look at what Sony are announcing to counter attack Microsofts many software announcements.

Well to be hoenst  a lot of the games are multi-plat anyway ,one hardware company may have a exclusive window or extra exclusive content ,ie' Dragon Age Inquisition'' on XBOX One.

Sony  tried another approach by not just focusing on the software. Though they have more pies to dish out then Microsoft.

Games wise i did not think there was much to get over excited about other then 1886 ,which many say is looking sharp.

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The announcements of GTA-V on PS4 , The Last of Us and a new Uncharted ,just don't excite me , but there are games coming which do sound interesting, Though not a great fan ,i did like ''Little Big Planet '' and the new iteration on PS4 is going to look and play brilliantly.

Those into Zombies will like the announcmenet of Dead Island 2 . but don't take my word for it. Check below.

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Many will be waiting for the game from Bungie ''Destiny''. YES  i know it's a multi-plat ,but for those in the USA ,September 9th sees the release of a new PS4 bundle to entice those still on the fence about Sony's new console.

Sony announced a new White 500gb PS4 with White Dualshock 3 controller and a copy of Destiny  to released on that day.

Apparently in Europe the White console will be available as a stand alone unit, so if you don't want Destiny you can get something else.

It does look kinda cool --white PS4

For me i quite like the Bundle and even though i have played on PS4 i have held of buying one as of yet,  No Sony have not sent me one free of charge , don't know why.!  Suppose i could sell one of my PS3 consoles to finance it.

But whatever colour it will be the PS4 will still have the main bugbear that irritates me,  the fact that it only has a HDMI connection with no other video out source.

Why you might ask, well i like to view certain games and my Blurays on a projector. And with my PS3 / Wii U i have both connected via HDMI for TV and Componenet for my projector . Switching is easy .

The ohter Sony announcment is that they are bringing  VITA TV to the West  , rebranded as Playstation TV this little unit allows a vita games and streaming of PS4 content on your big screen. and all for under £100..

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It's small - The Playstation TV aka Vita TV in Japan

Ok that's it for this second part to my E3 overview. Well be looking at Nintendo's announcements later  with articles on here and K.I.T.G.. Then where look at what Ubisofts been doing  and any other announcmenets which take our interest.

Trigger finger at the ready this is Bruno B. signing off.

Cool Watches from Ancestral Star

Posted by Cosplay 88 on April 26, 2014 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

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SEGA KAWAII - Sega does Fashion

Posted by Cosplay 88 on April 21, 2013 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Yes you read right folks, SEGA the big video games company has been busy restructuring itself ,with some old divisions going and others being renamed as well as some new ventures to. Now there's quite a lot going on at Sega ,but much of it is a bit hush hush at the mo. You only have to search the web for Sega Orbi to find out somethings up, But one sure thing is Sega's new fashion lable SEGAKAWAII . Trying to cash in on a very Japanese culture callled Kawaii Fashion. Bascially all things cute and fluffy.

Just launched is the new Sega Kawaii brand which will bring you T-shirts/bags/phone cases and more ,read the home page for more info and a cool video.