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MCM expo London plays host to the Punisher and China White

Posted by Cosplay 88 on October 18, 2013 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Not long till Londons Comic Con at Excel in the Docklands.Among the guests at the show are Punisher star Thomas Jane who is there promoting his new short film The Punisher -Dirty Laundry .

Thomas Jane as the Punisher

And also appearing is Kelly Hu who plays China White in the TV series ARROW.

Kelly also is more well known to Martial arat fans from the hit CBS series Martial Law where she starred opposite Sammo Hung. Kelly Also starred in X2 and The Scorpian King .

Kelly as China White

We look forward to seeing them at the expo,and hopefully get a few shots of them and find out what's coming from them in the future.

For more on the Comic Con check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Michael Bay attacked filming Transformers 4 in Hong Kong

Posted by Cosplay 88 on October 17, 2013 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Director Michael Bay was attacked in Hong Kong whilst filming Transformers 4, the franchise director was assaulted by two men who tried estort money from the film director for compensation for their business being affected by the filming of the film.

Sources say the vendors where all paid a going rate agreed by all ,but two drunken vendors decided they would try and get four times the money by causing trouble on set to staff and crew of the film.

Walking on set and demanding some $13000 as compensation, or protection money as it really sounds ,this harks back to the Hong Kong films of old where extortion was common place by triad groups.

Of course this incident seems nothing more then a couple of wiseboys trying to earn some quick cash ,

Security where called and the men where wrestled to the ground ,but continued to fight, Hong Kong Police turned up in riot gear to take down the thugs ,but this still took a number of officers to subdue the thugs.

Maybe they where upset of how Transformers 3 turned out and where trying to stop another disaster.

Lucky enough the crew and Michael Bay are OK and if you really have a grievence with Transformers 4 ,don't go and see it when it comes out ,there's no need to attack the director to get your point across.

Are you looking forward to Transformers 4 or are you going to give it a wide berth after the lacklustre no'3 ?

Let us know in the comments.