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Play Expo Blackpool - May 2014

Posted by Bruno B on April 9, 2014 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)

If your into your retro gaming then the upcoming Play Expo in Blackpool may be right up your street. As a added bounus to the Main show in October Replay Events are holding  this Spring event for those who may have not been able to get to Manchester last October or those who can not wait till this coming October for the next one.

What's more Big news now is that Replay Events have teamed up with Showmasters (London Film and Comic Con)  to add even more content to there shows .

So if you near Blackpool on May 3rd / 4th and near Norbreck Castle Exhibition Centre ,you may want to get some old school gaming in.

Due to other commitments where unable to attend ,but we will be at the October show .

For more info visit the official site below.

Play Blackpool

MCM Comic Con Birmingham approaches

Posted by Cosplay 88 on March 21, 2014 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Yes IT's March and the Birmngham Comic Con is upon us.  This Saturday and Sunday the 22nd and 23rd of March at the NEC Birmingham your be able to get into your cosplay, play some games,meet the stars and spend ,spend spend your hard earned cash on all sorts of goodies from DVD,games Plushies and toys and even get a signed autograph or photo with your favorite star .

Two days of Media films and games under one roof.

Visit the official site by clicking the MCM logo above. for more info.

Cosplay Heroes will be attending so look out for a feature and photo gallery on site in a few days.

And don't forget to dress up and be your inner Hero.

The Cosplay Hero team.

Wii U gets left behind ,but it could clean up at it's current price.

Posted by Bruno B on November 18, 2013 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

With Sony setting the standard to beat in console sales for one day ,it seems like Nintendo's Wii U may be left behind ,consdiering Nintendo's console realesed a year ago in the USA and has only amassed  1.5 million sales in the region in that year .

With sales even lower in Europe for the Wii U ( under a million in Europe ) it looks like Sony could beat the European Wii U sales in it's first day when it launches on the 29th of November.

But Nintendo have been busy of late and some great games have been released with more on the way .

Zelda Wind Waker proved that such a iconic franchise does sell consles ,and the recent Wii U party saw sales in Japan spike from a lowley 2000 units a week to over 38'000 in one week ,proving software sells.

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Also the new bundles Nintendo have launched have done well with the Mario and Luigi pack selling out in the USA ,and GAME in the UK doing the pack for a crazy £219.99 while they have stock .

With recent games like Sonic Lost World ,Wonderful 101 and Wii U party making good sales Nintendo could have a  good Christmas with their lower priced unit and top games, and they still have their big hitter for the holiday which releases the end of the month ,yes Mario is back in Mario 3D World , a new mario game that also includes great multiplayer functions to.

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And with a stella line up of games coming in the new year which look set to establish Wii U as a contender in the new console wars with titles like Mario Kart8,Smash Brothers U ,Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and more Nintendo may be in a better position then many may think.

Also with new adverts and games more will experience Wii U and realise it really is a great machine and one of Nintendo's best . The hard thing for Nintendo at the moment is making people try Wii U because once they do I'm sure their shift more units.

Watch this space

Bruno B.

PS4 Sells a mIllion in 24 hours, but it was not smooth sailing

Posted by Bruno B on November 18, 2013 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

The North American launch of Sony's new PS4 console was from a sales point a resounding success ,with more then a million consoles sold in 24 hours .

This puts the console in good standing to meet the targets Sony has set it self. It will be interesting to see if the European Launch at the end of the month can match the figures or beat it as last generation Sony's machine was more popular in the European region then in the USA.

It's only real challenge in Europe will be the UK where the 360 saw it beat the sales  of the PS3.

With Microsoft launching their console in little under a week on the 22nd November in both North America and most European regions it will interesting to see what sales figures accure from their launch.

But Sony's machine has been met with some hiccups ,mainly their server for their network going down under the strain of the one million owners all trying to download the day one patch for the unit at the same time most likely.

They have also had a number of DOA consoles ,some which won't connect to TV's and give a picture and some complete duds which won't even turn on. Sony say that it only accounts for about 0.4% of all sales ,though some sources suggest the figure for failure rate is much higher.

The big problem for the PS4 right now is software ,with all the main games delayed there's not a lot on the system that you can not play on a old gen console and it looks like there won't be until well into the new year.

So unless your into Killzone ( not game i liked and this new one in the series may look better but it's not for me) or well not  alot else really ,Assassins Creed IV looks like the definitive version and one we have played here so that might keep you busy till the likes of Watchdogs,Driveclub and others  arrive come February March.

I'll be back in a few days to report on the launch of the Xbox One and see if Sony's figures get smashed or Microsoft loses out because of their higher price point.


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Less then a week till Birmingham MCM Comic Con at NEC

Posted by Cosplay 88 on November 18, 2013 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Yes Saturday 23rd November sees us visit the Birmingham NEC for the MCM Comic Con and Memorbilla show . being as where travelling from London where not sure if where going in Cosplay ,but we will bring you lots of photos from the event which runs for two days from Saturday.

Don't forget to check out our feature on the London show which was held in October as well which has been live for a couple weeks now.

Hopefully where see you there.

Comic Con overload features up and to come.

Posted by Cosplay 88 on November 4, 2013 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

The site may have not had a lot of new contnent of late ,but this is due more to us being busy travelling to various shows to report on for contnent for the site.

Well up on site now is our coverage of the October London Film and Comic Con Winter 2013. Which was held at Olympia in London on the 5th and 6th of October.

In a few days our MCM October feature will be up with quite a large amount of  photo's and video as we attended two days this time and we still didn't get to see everything .

Where be definetly going all three days in May and October 2014.

Next we are of to Birmingham to cover the MCM Comic Con and Memorabilla show at the NEC ,unfortunatly where there only one day ,but will try and get as many photo's and video as possible .

Eurogamer Expo part 1 up on Kickemintheghoulies NOW!

Posted by Cosplay 88 on October 20, 2013 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Bruno B. our resident games expert has published his first part of his EuroGamer Expo feature on our sister site .

He will be doing a second part to be published on Cosplay Heroes ,but in the meantime check out how  the first day of Eurogamer went for him.

Eurogamer Expo feaure part 1

MCM expo London plays host to the Punisher and China White

Posted by Cosplay 88 on October 18, 2013 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Not long till Londons Comic Con at Excel in the Docklands.Among the guests at the show are Punisher star Thomas Jane who is there promoting his new short film The Punisher -Dirty Laundry .

Thomas Jane as the Punisher

And also appearing is Kelly Hu who plays China White in the TV series ARROW.

Kelly also is more well known to Martial arat fans from the hit CBS series Martial Law where she starred opposite Sammo Hung. Kelly Also starred in X2 and The Scorpian King .

Kelly as China White

We look forward to seeing them at the expo,and hopefully get a few shots of them and find out what's coming from them in the future.

For more on the Comic Con check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Michael Bay attacked filming Transformers 4 in Hong Kong

Posted by Cosplay 88 on October 17, 2013 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Director Michael Bay was attacked in Hong Kong whilst filming Transformers 4, the franchise director was assaulted by two men who tried estort money from the film director for compensation for their business being affected by the filming of the film.

Sources say the vendors where all paid a going rate agreed by all ,but two drunken vendors decided they would try and get four times the money by causing trouble on set to staff and crew of the film.

Walking on set and demanding some $13000 as compensation, or protection money as it really sounds ,this harks back to the Hong Kong films of old where extortion was common place by triad groups.

Of course this incident seems nothing more then a couple of wiseboys trying to earn some quick cash ,

Security where called and the men where wrestled to the ground ,but continued to fight, Hong Kong Police turned up in riot gear to take down the thugs ,but this still took a number of officers to subdue the thugs.

Maybe they where upset of how Transformers 3 turned out and where trying to stop another disaster.

Lucky enough the crew and Michael Bay are OK and if you really have a grievence with Transformers 4 ,don't go and see it when it comes out ,there's no need to attack the director to get your point across.

Are you looking forward to Transformers 4 or are you going to give it a wide berth after the lacklustre no'3 ?

Let us know in the comments.

Retro Heaven at Play Expo

Posted by Bruno B on October 13, 2013 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello all,

Bruno B here with a lowdown of our trip to Play Expo. Now I will be doing a feature on about the show ,which was quite a unique event where older gamers could revisit their past gaming glories and new gamers could see where video gaming really started.

Gamers queue to be the first in ,thing is this queue went on round the corner then some more

Cosplay at PLAY expo

Now Cosplay Heroes where going to do a feature on the World Cosplay Summit ,but unfortunately due to times and delays we were unable to do so. Which was a shame.

This was Unfortunately  as far as we were able to see of the cosplay.

The cosplay event was originally going to start at 14.30 according to Play Expo's website timetable ,and we of course had timed our visit to catch the show but due to a half hour delay at first and then a further delay which stretched to over half a hour we had to miss out on getting any pictures from the WCS this year.

This was a shame as we actually wasted good gaming time .But these things are sent to try us, and we had to get back to Manchester Station for our trip back to London where i myself had another engagement. to attend.

The Kickemintheghoulies site feature on the show will be up in a few days and I'll post a link here when it's up.

Where actually at the MCM expo in London in two weeks ,where I'll be getting to grips with the games and my colleagues will be capturing the many cosplayers that attend which is probably one of the biggest Cosplay events in the country.

Bruno B.

Play Expo and the World Cosplay Summit.

Posted by Cosplay 88 on October 11, 2013 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Yes just hours to go before we head of to Manchester to the Play Expo .This is the biggest Retro gaming event in the UK with more then 300 machines up and running for visitors to get to grips with in the replay area alone.

Plus more then a hundred arcade machines as well.

But also this year Cosplay plays a bigger part as well as a cospararde the show will hold the World Cosplay Summit Preliminaries in conjunction with Hyper Japan Cosplay.

It's been confirmed that Ubisoft are attending with Assassins Creed IV  Black Flag on the yet to be released PS4 from Sony , so gamers will be able to get hands on with the new console before launch.

Add to that Competitions in the form of a Street Fighter IV tournament as well as Tekken ,Injustice ,Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and more.

Nintendo also will have a stella line up of games across Wii U and 3DS on show and ready to play in their Unleashed Tour ,so your be able to get a go on Sonic Lost Worlds and Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U and Zelda a Link between to Worlds and Pokemon X & Y on 3DS ,plus i'm sure their bring along a few other titles as well.

A dedicated Feature will be published on the WCS preliminaries on site as well as a look at the rest of the show.

A bigger feature for the whole show will feature on our sister site by our resident games expert Bruno B.

Kick'em in the

Play Expo runs from the 12th of Octiber to the 13th October at Manchesters Event City.  Visit the official site below.


Pikmin 3 arrives , and Asda screw Nintnedo

Posted by Bruno B on July 31, 2013 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Yes it's been less then a week since Pikmin 3 launched in the UK and Europe.

From what the Miiverse communities are like it seems it 's going down a storm, Within the UK all formatts chart Pikmin3 actually placed at no'2 ,only being beaten by Minecraft on 360.

But then that's not bad consdiering the install base of the Wii U in the UK compared to the 360.

A capture from Pikmin 3 ,ohh it's Alf.

Whether the release has made a difference to Wii U sales in Europe and the UK we don't know yet ,but if it has the same effect it had in Japan  beginning of July where sales tripled then it may be good for the console.

In other news UK super market Chain ASDA has totally dropped the Wii U from it's stores ,after it had dropped the price of the console it self and still could not generate sales.

Well that's what they say, NOW i frequent ASDA ,not for to much but when they announced the price drop before and this time i checked the stores to find that none of the ASDA stores actually have the Wii U in any formatt or any of the games.

So apart from a small selection on their Website which really does not include much of the best sellers on the system and No Pikmin 3 , you can't really take ASDA seriously .

Go buy your games consoles from decent retailers ,ASDA can't even lay out their food departments in a logical manner ,always prefer TESCOE .

But what's really missing is our old friends Woolworths ,how i liked to visit their games department ,they always had good deals and always had the newest releases.

On top of that every one is harking on about how the Wii U sold less then 161'000 consoles worldwide between April and June . Well that's no surpise ,there  were no new major games to sell the system.

I'm sure the third and fourth  Quarters of the year will reveal much different figures. Especially with realeses of Wonderful 101 in August , as well as Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell Black list.

September is a little quite but Young Justice Legacy arrives on Wii U on the 13th.

October is another  big month for the system with Sonic Lost World on the 12th ,Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD on the 25th and Wii U party also arrives to.

November and December has some even bigger titles with Wii U Fit ,Assassins Creed IV ,Watchdogs ,Lego Marvel Super Heroes,Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and the mighty Mario 3D WORLD , and we still have to find out the date for Donkey Kong Tropical Breeze which will release before Christmas to . Plus there's quite a few other third party titles to come as well .

So if the Wii U does not sell some major units over the next six months I'll bite my foot of. But don't hold me to it.

Bruno B.

of Note we where at Hyper Japan end of July ,where Nintendo had a huge stand to promote it's wares ,look out for a report shortly.

Captain Olimar arrives in Smash Brothers on Wii U and 3DS

Posted by Bruno B on July 20, 2013 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Yes with speculation on who will actually be appearing in the Smash Brothers game from Nintendo, with many gamers hoping for their favorites from the series.

We all new of the Villager from Animal Crossing ,the Wii Fit Trainer and Mega Man from Nintendo's E3 bash.

But yes now confirmed is Captain Olimar from Pikmin ,who will enter the brawl .belows a couple of shots with a bigger selection in the Photo Gallery .

Bruno B.

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U

Less then a week to Pikmin 3 in Europe

Posted by Bruno B on July 20, 2013 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi all

Not long to go now till Pikmin 3 launches in Europe and the UK .Yes the date ,26th July and all you budding Nintendo fans will be able to give your Wii U some class action.

Japan has had the game for little over a week now and the game has sold record numbers ,placing No'1 in the Japanese charts and giving a boost to the recent low Wii U sales and actually tripling them.

Pikmin 3

Our friends in North America have to wait till August 4th to get their release,so yes be happy that Europe has it before them ,you can gloat to all your American friends.

Also with Nintendo in both the UK and Europe in advertising mode now ,it looks like more will experience Nintendo's new console.

With a series of events happening in the UK over the summer Nintendo are pulling out all the stops. There be at Hyper Japan at Earls Court on the Weekend of the 26th to the 28th with their Unleashed Tour which is currently going on as i type at the MCM expo in Manchester today.

Your have your chance to play the new titles out and arriving soon on the Wii U and 3DS.

Bruno B.

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New Reviews and Hyper Japan nearly upon us

Posted by Cosplay 88 on July 9, 2013 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Yes it's less then three weeks to Hyper Japan at Earls Court 2 in London. So for a fix of all things Japan from Cosplay ,Videogames,food and Culture and Music ,be there or miss one of the most exciting events of the year.

With a couple of Music acts already announced covering JPOP,and Jrock there also be the world renowned Siro-A performing live on stage with their eye popping music and dance routines.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Also announced is a selection of customised J Cars from the organisers of Japanese Auto Extravaganza aka JAE .

Martial arts will have a dedicated stage with a selection of arts on show over the three day event. All of course from Japan ,so expect Judo,Kendo,Iaido and Kenpo.

Namco Bandai will be back showcasing their latest video games to as will Nintendo who really need to get people experiencing their Wii U system which launched last year.

Hopefully their have some key titles to play.

Where be getting the feature pages ready for the event shortly in a expectation to have a live feature on site as the show develops.

Also on site for all you gaming fans are a couple of reviews from our games expert ,they are Toki Tori 2 from Two Tribes and Kung Fu Rabbit from Bulkypix ,both are Indie games released on various formatts ,the reviews are for the Wii U versions.

More Hyper Japan news as we get it.