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Sony attacks at E3 ,the biggest game show in the world -part 2

Posted by Bruno B on June 10, 2014 at 8:35 AM

Hello all, first head over to our sister site news feed to see my first part of my E3 round up. You van view it by clicking here.

In this our second part i look at what Sony are announcing to counter attack Microsofts many software announcements.

Well to be hoenst  a lot of the games are multi-plat anyway ,one hardware company may have a exclusive window or extra exclusive content ,ie' Dragon Age Inquisition'' on XBOX One.

Sony  tried another approach by not just focusing on the software. Though they have more pies to dish out then Microsoft.

Games wise i did not think there was much to get over excited about other then 1886 ,which many say is looking sharp.

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The announcements of GTA-V on PS4 , The Last of Us and a new Uncharted ,just don't excite me , but there are games coming which do sound interesting, Though not a great fan ,i did like ''Little Big Planet '' and the new iteration on PS4 is going to look and play brilliantly.

Those into Zombies will like the announcmenet of Dead Island 2 . but don't take my word for it. Check below.

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Many will be waiting for the game from Bungie ''Destiny''. YES  i know it's a multi-plat ,but for those in the USA ,September 9th sees the release of a new PS4 bundle to entice those still on the fence about Sony's new console.

Sony announced a new White 500gb PS4 with White Dualshock 3 controller and a copy of Destiny  to released on that day.

Apparently in Europe the White console will be available as a stand alone unit, so if you don't want Destiny you can get something else.

It does look kinda cool --white PS4

For me i quite like the Bundle and even though i have played on PS4 i have held of buying one as of yet,  No Sony have not sent me one free of charge , don't know why.!  Suppose i could sell one of my PS3 consoles to finance it.

But whatever colour it will be the PS4 will still have the main bugbear that irritates me,  the fact that it only has a HDMI connection with no other video out source.

Why you might ask, well i like to view certain games and my Blurays on a projector. And with my PS3 / Wii U i have both connected via HDMI for TV and Componenet for my projector . Switching is easy .

The ohter Sony announcment is that they are bringing  VITA TV to the West  , rebranded as Playstation TV this little unit allows a vita games and streaming of PS4 content on your big screen. and all for under £100..

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It's small - The Playstation TV aka Vita TV in Japan

Ok that's it for this second part to my E3 overview. Well be looking at Nintendo's announcements later  with articles on here and K.I.T.G.. Then where look at what Ubisofts been doing  and any other announcmenets which take our interest.

Trigger finger at the ready this is Bruno B. signing off.

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