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        EGX 2014 Cosplay Special



EGX 2014 – Cosplay special

Bruno B. here with the next part of our EGX coverage, our previous part was published last week on our sister site Kick'em in the Ghoulies, link is below.

So after our first day at EGX we returned on the Saturday to get hands on with a few more games and see what else the show had in store for us, of course Saturday was the day of the Cosplay competition run by Nintendo.

The winners of the competition would go away with goodies courtesy of Nintendo. The winner would receive a brand new 3DS XL ,a copy of Smash Brothers on 3DS and a Nintendo goody bag.

But first we had to get some game time in , and our first stop was the Xbox stand for a try out on Forza Horizon 2., queues where not to bad and we where in play within about fifteen minutes. Forza Horizon 2 like it's predecessor has a more arcade feel in game play compared to the normal Forza editions.


 Forza Horizon 2 by Playground Games/Turn 10  ,published by ©Microsoft Studios


If you like racers like Project Gotham ,Grid or Need for Speed Shift then Forza Horizon 2 will be right up your street and it looks sublime, but like a lot of the new games on Xbox One and PS4 ,if you have a Xbox 360 you can still buy the game for the last gen system as well. Now of course you can not expect the 360 version to look as good as the Xbox One version we played at EGX, but when you find out that the 360 version version is being programmed by Sumo digital ( Outrun for Xbox and 2012 's Sonic Racing transformed ,multi format ) it makes you take notice .

So what I am saying is if you have not yet taken the plunge into buying a Xbox One and you have a 360 it does not seem viable to buy the Xbox One to play this game, especially when you see how well Sumo digital have done with converting Horizon 2 to the 360.

Of course if you have taken the plunge into the current gen consoles and you have a Xbox One then of course if your racing fan then Forza Horizon 2 is a must buy from what we have experienced of it.

The same can also be said of Ubisoft's ''The Crew '' by Revolution Studios, a game we played a couple of days before at EGX , it's another racer with a very open world, and again our time with the game once again affirms our conclusion that The Crew is another entry in the arcade racer with excellent control category.

Luckily with the The Crew both Xbox One and PS4 owners get to partake as well as PC owners and wait for it , yes 360 owners get there own version of the game , reasoning behind this is that the 360 is easy to port to being it shares it's innards in common with PC's , where as by now most will know that the PS3 is not the easiest console to develop for.

Of course I'm sure Wii U owners would love a version but it's another game that's bypassing Nintendo's console ,even though Criterion managed the best version of NFS Most Wanted on that very system.

Now one other game we had to get a go on was another multi format release , and having sat in on the developer session on the Thursday it was actually a must , yes you guessed it ,Alien Isolation is that game.

Situated in the over 18 area upstairs we joined the queue to the enclosed gaming area .published by Sega and developed by Sega's Creative Assembly Studios in the UK we where quite excited to get hands on.


Alien Isolation by Creative Assembly ,published by© SEGA


Sega had set up quite a set up with a dark enclosed stand , about every fifteen minutes they would allow in about sixty people to take part in a survival mode of the game, once in you where taken into a holding area where the representatives would introduce you to the game and the task ahead of you .

The task to basically escape the level by hiding and evading the roaming Alien. They had a top ten leader board and the top time for the day would win a special edition Jacket from the game and the other top nine entrants would get a T -shirt . Of course actually completing the level is another thing.

With the game running on PS4 and Xbox One you could choose what to play the game on , I went for the Xbox One ,due to the controller being familiar to the 360 version. . I thought it would help me.

No I was wrong , I don't know how many times I got killed by the Alien, I found myself running away a lot, even when I thought I got close the Alien took be by surprise and well I nearly jumped out of my chair , well stool..

Alien Isolation is a very atmospheric game and it's a well crafted piece of programming, but it's game that needs to be played for a while, I did think about rejoining the queue to get another go to see of I could actually do it,but there was much to see.

Alien Isolation is also out on PC,PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

Next we joined the queue to see a game that is coming in 2015 and only on PS4 and Xbox One and not any of the last gen consoles. It was important to see games that maybe may push the boundaries of gaming and make the purchase of a current gen console worthwhile.

The game , The Witcher 3 by Polish developers CD Projekt Red . Here we had a forty minute introduction the game by the developers who explained the game whilst a colleague actually played the game which was projected onto a massive screen.



The Witcher 3 by CD Projekt Red, Published by ©Bandai Namco 


When it comes to showing what the PS4, Xbox One can do in terms of graphics and open world game play, now of course the game will also be on PC , which if using a high end specification PC is going to look sublime.

From trees to blades of grass that look so real to massive vistas and open world where what you can see in the distance is actually a place you can travel to ,either by using a quick journey mode ,which takes you there instantly ,or if wanting to actually travel all the way for real ,you are able to on horseback. Apparently with journey's taking half a hour or more.

For us The Witcher 3 with it's tag line , Wild Hunt looks set to be one of the first games to really give us the next generation of gaming. And it's one of those games that will lend it self to the cosplay crowd who spend their time perfecting characters from there favourite games.

This brings us Saturday's Cosplay show sponsored by Nintendo.. Now of course being a game show the cosplayers at the show where portraying game characters , unlike Comic Con shows where you get a vast range of costumes from all types of media.

Now of course we attend a good few of these shows and you do actually get to see some familiar faces. Now EGX cosplay events have grown over the years and there was skits,masquerades,cosplay panels and more held over the four days of EGX.



Once the judges had re-inspected each of the entrants the show was under way , with some entrants having a set routine to perform whilst others did the standard walk on and pose for the crowds and judges.

Of course being Nintendo sponsored , we had a quite few entrants from Nintendo franchises with Link from Zelda, Maro and Luigi and Princess Peach making a appearance.

With two new Assassins Creed games featuring at the show , there where a fair amount of Assassins from the game series. But one pair stood out among the assassins as one of the entrants came on stage and then rolled across the floor coming to his feet in a pose. A brave move on a narrow stage.

One of favourite characters of the cosplay event was the girl who portrayed King from the Tekken series, the detail in the costume was amazing and she really gave a performance to please the crowds.



One of the surprise characters was the young guy who came as Hunter from the new best selling game Destiny, impressive that he had completed the costume for the show , the game was only out a few days before the show. ..

A familiar face was the guy who portrayed the Far Cry 3 character , I remember seeing him at this years London Film and Comic Con at Earls Court 2 he seemed to have toned down his performance since then , it was bit more risky at Comic Con and I remember the host saying that the what we saw there was toned down from the previous day he performed.



I think some may get a bit carried away when their in character and none more so then the Jedi Knight cosplayer whose set went on probably the longest as he twirled is light sabre about , and not always to good effect. It looked like he had a good time and the crowd seemed to enjoy his on stage antics, but there was a point where I thought he had taken over the show.

There was also a selection of Super Heroes and anti heroes in the form of Wonder Woman ,The Joker ,Bane and The Riddler.




Some had detailed there costumes to a high detail while others had taken the time on the props as with the gentleman who portrayed Bionic Commando Re-armed and the two Ghostbusters who had actually only just met at the show and decided to enter together.

This was evident in the duo's stage time where one had prepared a set performance whilst the other entrant looked amazed at what he was taking part in. It was actually quite good as the contrast between the two was quite entertaining.

And these guys actually went home on the Tube in Outfit.

Pokemon of course where another popular entrant and you always get someone playing Gohan from Dragonball at most cosplay events and EGX was no exception.



There where a few that I failed to recognise , but other entrants included characters from The Witcher and a female version of Loki..

So as a alternative to the MCM and London Film and Comic Con cosparade shows , EGX was fun and well organised as well as it's rivals.

By the time the Cosparade event had finished time was closing in , we had a quick play and look at some of the Indie titles coming to Nintendo's Wii U Platform , with a sequel the very entertaining Swords and Soldiers which now has a two player mode which uses the Game -pad and TV as two different screens for each player to the very polished looking and recently released Art of Balance .

Another interesting Indie title is Affordable Space Adventures ,another title which uses the Game Pad for control mechanisms ,though it seemed it's one of those games that leaves you to figure it out , after about fifteen minutes I managed to understand it , it has some good lighting effects and may be a game I myself would indulge in.


Affordable Space Adventures by Knaphok Games


Now I did play one other Indie title and the title escapes me , all I remember was I found it impossible to get into and after a couple of tries gave up.

So with little time left there was time for one more thing , well we had to see what the new Batman game is all about , why is it only capable of running on the Xbox One and PS4 and not Wii U?

Now the game is not due to June 2015 ,so Warner Brothers had a closed stand where they showed footage of the in-game action , Batman's new capabilities and the all new Batmobile .

After a short introduction and our very enthusiastic host gave a running commentary to some played game footage.

Firstly the game is the third game by Rocksteady and is a sequel to 2011's Batman Arkham City and carries the story on from that game , a year afterwards. The 2013 Batman game Arkham Origins was developed by Warner Brothers Montreal and is a prequel to the original 2009 game by Rocksteady Arkham Asylum .


Batman Arkam Knight by Rocksteady ,Published by ©Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment


The seamless nature of the new game is quite astounding in comparison to Arkham City and the Bat's new moves are very impressive as is the Batmobile which morphs and is at your beck and call at the push of a button .

In all honesty I think it's game that could have been converted to Wii U, graphically it is good but is it really a huge step over Arkham City ? Not from where I was sitting. Yes it has some great graphical depth ,weather effects and so forth .

Maybe the more open world is more complex from it's predecessors but even the Wii U is in it's infancy and you only have to play Bayonetta 2 to see what is  capable on the system. Even Yoshi's Woolly World has a graphical depth that I think surpasses many games at the show.

Could it be that Rocksteady are not up to the job ? I don't think so , they did a fine job of the Wii U version of Arkam City , adding some clever Game Pad elements unique to the system.

But maybe that's it ,if they made version for Wii U with the same attention to detail would the game as far as game play experience be better on Wii U with dedicated Game Pad support. Much like the Wii U version of Arkham City is compared to it's version on rival systems.

So there you are EGX formerly Eurogamer Expo is done and dusted for another year, it's also the last time the event takes place at Earls Court in London.. Next year the show moves to Birmingham's NEC.

I'm sure where be there to report on the new show and location , before that we have EGX Rezzed at London's Tobacco Dock, so maybe where see you there.

Our thanks go to EGX and Virgin Media for our Press passes for the show this year . By next year I should have a our dedicated gaming site operational , maybe before Christmas. , so our coverage will be even broader next year as we expand our coverage across our group of sites.

But there's still a chance before Christmas to try some of the new games coming at the MCM Comic Con at Excel in October .

So till then Happy Gaming. , Happy Cosplaying and Happy Halloween.


October 2014


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