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              Eurogamer Expo 2012

Eurogamer Expo overview by Bruno B. Part 3 in a series of 3


Bruno B here , yes I'm back with my third part to the Eurogamer Expo feature ,though for you Cosplay Heroes readers it's the first time I have contributed to the site. Though I will be back with more game reviews and views in the future.

Now this is the third part ,so where are parts 1 and 2 ,well the first is on Kick'em in the and the second features on Shoot'em in the

Eurogamer Expo is the UK's premier video game show ,it showcases many of the new and future releases across all present platforms ,but it also offers a look back at the retro systems as well.

In the previous two parts to this feature I have covered the Fighters and hand to hand combat games . And the shooters ,now I look at everything else .

Now I do like a racing game ( yes I know you cosplayers don't cosplay cars and your waiting for my coverage of more cosplayable games. ,be patient there coming ) Now in the racing stakes there where a few on show and the one that took me by surprise was the new Forza Horizon .

Now the series which is exclusive to Microsoft consoles is the fifth in the series . The first two appeared on the original XBOX and with the others on the 360 .

Definitely worth investing if you like your racers 

Even though I bought the first I have not revisited the series since the first. I found the early ones a bit to simulation orientated and even though I have played No'4 it is this new iteration that looks set to get my money. I found the game demo at the show gave a good compromise between arcade and simulation and was a fun play ,even by downloading the 360 demo I further explored the title and can be assured the game is one fine racer to go up against the likes of Project Gotham ,Gran Turismo and Grid 2 (another show stopper) , Forza Horizon is out now on 360 and if you never indulged in Forza 4 then I suggest you give this a try ,though Forza 4 owners may feel cheated that a revamped game is out so soon.


Also on the racing front ,the 360 featured a karting style game entitled F1 Race Stars ,it was quite a fun game to play and one to fill that void for those who want a Mario Kart style game on their 360. For PS3 owners Sony showed Little Big Planet Karting which had a very strange look (just didn't like it) , any way now I can get to some more cutesy games and Nintendo's new Wii U console which was wowing the fans and creating queues around their stand.


Copyright© Nintendo 2012

Nintendo Land , a compendium  that features many Nintendo favourites


Of course a lot of this was also to get a chance on Ubisoft's new shooter Zombie U. But we where more interested in a getting a broader picture of the Wii U .

Mario keeps the kids happy

Now the other big Wii U title ( now delayed till 2013 ) is of course Rayman Legends ,now how cute is this ,very cute I must say but also very clever , in two player mode you and a friend must negotiate the many puzzles and obstacles thrown at you. . The game just exudes fresh ideas in what in-effect plays like a 2D game.

Gamers get to grips with the Wii U pad.


But the graphics leap at you with their many colours and details ,this clearly is next gen and with the aid of the WiiU game-pad it takes gaming in a new direction and you don't have to wave your arms about to much ,which I quite like.

Mario Bros U  , a lot of attention it caused.


Copyright© Nintendo 2012


Mario on Wii U looked very sharp and once again is a 2D style game with some clever features but I do think a fully fledged 3D Mario game is needed for the new console.

Even once on the Nintendo stand ,you had to be patient to get your own hands on experience  ,but seeing is sometimes as good as playing,so everyone was happy.

The stand also featured electronic downloadable content as well in the form of Trine 2 Directors cut, though on the PSN network the added features of the game -pad make it more fun to play then just using a standard pad. On top of that it's another lush looking game with some great gameplay.



Other cool looking games on the new console where the Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 which looked like it's predecessors but of course with a lot more depth and polish, as far as game play I cannot comment as it was one that had a few queues and in the end I had to move on or would see nothing else.

The Wonderful 101 is one crazy game , it's 3D graphics are quite amazing with big bosses and once you get a hang of the controlling hordes of people it all becomes quite easy to operate . Another must have on the new console for sure.

Now away from the Nintendo stand other games where being showcased across various platforms , though I have covered fighters and shooters in the other articles ,i will give you quick run-down of the games on show.

In the fighting stakes ,we had Bandai Namco's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 showcase on PS3 and 360 ,there is a Wii U version scheduled for release on Wii U launch day . On the main stage they had the Tekken Tag contest running and anyone brave enough could partake on stage.



Tecmo where there with the new iteration of Dead or Alive. Yes No' 5 in the series adds a few characters ,of note AKIRA from the Virtua Fighter series. The game looks lovely as usual and did not seem to offer much new other then that ( and I had a long session on the game with a fellow gamer) , now on the shooting front all the big boys where there with Activision showing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 , and the crowds to see the game where the longest at the show. .



Halo 4 was the other really big hitter and being the first that is not developed by Bungie but Microsoft in studio 343 Industries. On the tactical side X COM Enemy Unknown was up or play ,this turn based shooter about Alien Invasion is a fun and gorgeous looking game.

Now Capcom where on hand with the new Resident Evil 6 , also a firm favourite with many cosplayers . The game is quite radical in that after the lackluster reception of the last episode everyone thought Capcom would stay safe and return to a tried and tested formula. But no ,what we have here is a game that transcends the third and First person shooter and offers a more tactical shooter ,on playing at first it seems hard to think your in the Resident universe.


Sega where there with Alien Colonial Marines ,but to be honest queues for this where long and I just did not get a chance to partake , but Alien Monsters and Marines where on hand to pose for photo's though.

Sega also showed a couple of downloadable content games in the form of the recently released 'Hell Yeah'' a crazy platform game with added ooze. It's quite a bright and colourful game ,but soon becomes repetitive and some levels fare better then others in the entertainment stakes. The other Sega game was ''The Cave '' ,not released until next year and coming again to PSN and 360 and in development is a Wii U version to . You get to choose a set of three characters out of seven to control ( or if you have some friends to play with they can help to) You must use the abilities of each of the characters you choose to get through various puzzles and game-play elements. And after playing the game the SEGA guys gave everyone who played a free The Cave miniature.


Now one character that always gets cosplayed at various shows is Lara Croft. Well on show from Sqaure Enix was a beta version of the new Tomb Raider game . Now this looked sublime with some details looking amazing ,it was pretty hard to tell the difference between movie cut scenes and game pay footage . Though only in early stages still it looked good ,can't wait to see this closer to the release date in 2013.


Also featured at the show was a retro section showcasing many past consoles form the past three decades . All up and running and ready to play for those that wanted to reminisce.


A Turbografix

 Sega's 32bit Saturn console

Sega Megadrive II with Mega CD II. 


The show also caters for cosplayers with a small section dedicated for them, now there where not loads of cosplayers like you would find at MCM expo or anything like but with the Latex and PVC nuns from Hitman Absolution running around posing. I also noticed Earthworm Jim,Ninjas Aziel from Assassins Creed and even a man who was a box, oh no I think he was a Pixel....


I do think they could make the cosplay area bigger at future shows and attract more people to come as their favourite characters.

Other games featured was a new Ratchett and Clank ( looking like every other version) Tokyo Jungle looked like a interesting game ,it was on PS3 and is another digital download which is out now.


Of course cosplay favourites God of War and Devil May Cry had new iterations with G.O.W.Ascension on PS3 looking quite awesome, but as with the other versions of the series ,the games pace is not overly hard. Earlier in the series could be completed quite quickly ,i hope this new G.O.W. Has a tad more depth and longevity .


Devil May Cry is also another cosplay favourite and one which is now causing a uproar amongst the fans ,as this new game entitled DMC looks at Dante from a earlier time . Gone are his long locks and in is a more younger Dante, also to top that Capcom have outsourced the game to Heavenly Sword developers ,Ninja Theory.

I played this quite extensively at the show and thought it must have purchase for fans of the series ,and it may attract new fans ,maybe those who enjoyed Ninja Theory's earlier titles like Heavenly Sword and Kung Fu Chaos when they where known as Just Add Monsters.

In the end Eurogamer expo was a fun filled couple of days , maybe with another day I could have covered more titles in depth,but as my press pass was only valid for two days and all other tickets where sold out ,i had to make do , maybe next year I'll do the week days only it may be easier to get a look in on some of the other titles, But my main objective this year was to cover the Wii U ,as a new console launch is always a exciting time in the gaming world.

I'll be back next with a few reviews across the K.I.T.G. Group of sites ,just finished my Shenmue overview which is now live on K.I.T.G ,so look out for reviews of KOF XIII and Dreamcast shooter Gunlord which is a new game for the Sega Dreamcast ,yes you heard right ,a new game.

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Bruno B.

Gaming Guru for the K.I.T.G. Group.

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More from the Wii U stand


Assassins Creed III , check out our feature page on the game.

Even Mountain Dew got in on the game ,check out their XBOX 360


This guy did like to dance, but then he did come as the MASK


More Rayman Legends ,the crowds loved this one,i loved it to.


Games figures from Game Legends 



A Smash Brothers clone for the PS3 , All Stars Battle Royal

From the entrance the wait to play Call of Duty was at least a hour.


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