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   HYPER JAPAN 2013 Cosplay Special



The end of July saw the London Hyper Japan 2013 show take place , now our sister site has already covered the event from a all aspects point of view .

Here we look at more depth at the Fashion and Cosplay events of the show.

But of course lets give a small run-down of the show.

Moving to a larger venue for this years event proved a good move on the Hyper Japan Team . Earls Court Two in London is a much brighter venue and the general impact when walking through the door for the first time is one of ,'' This is going to be Good''.

Nintendo with their massive four part stand that comprised a section for new releases on Wii U ,3DS , a Competition Zone and Animal Crossing village .

If your not in the know Animal Crossing really is one of the games of the moment on 3DS , a console that just keeps selling.

Nintendo wowed the crowds


So a good start to the show , but apart from Nintendo Namco where there showing of a couple of games to .

This year the show had three stages ,the main stage where the big acts and Cosplay events where held, a second stage which showcased smaller acts and also gave a chance for those that had missed a major act on the main stage to see a smaller version on the second stage (for some acts) , then we had a stage dedicated to martial arts ,which has become a integral part of the show now as it is one of Japan's main cultures and many Cosplayers portray characters from many games and Anime which focus on Martial arts.

 Martial arts  and Siro A

Some of the acts only appeared on one day while others where there for the whole event , Like Siro-A and their psychedelic show of light and dance.

Friday played host to Vaniru a Gothic JROCK duo that did a good set on stage ,though not all may not like their style of music it was good to see . Must admit I’m a bit on the fence still about them.

 Goth Rock Duo Vaniru

For Saturday and Sunday JPOP star Yun*Chi hit the stage in a amalgamation of a Tokyo Fashion presentation (which she judged ) and her own set of songs from her mini albums, which included ''SHAKE IT'' and '' Tenshi No Yubikiri ''.




The fashion presentation showcased a range of outfits influenced by today’s street fashion found on the streets of Tokyo. From traditional Kimono style to ultra Kawaii designs each participant strutted their stuff on stage showcasing some great outfits.

 JPOP star Yun*Chi

After wards Yun* Chi would pick a winner to receive a prize .Yun* Chi is quite prevalent in fashion and her own mini Kimono was a very Cute number.

Of course Saturday was the day that the ECG ( European Cosplay Gathering ) competition would take place ,but not before a host of Cosplayers showed of their costumes in the Cosparade..

Thing was I don't know every animé and game on the market ,so some of the costumes I don't know there origin, maybe I needed someone taking notes as I took pictures!

But what was noticeable was that games like Final Fantasy and Zelda are very popular with the cosplay crowd. I know I have Cosplayed as Seven and Deuce from Final Fantasy Zero myself.



It's quite funny though of all the animé I watch everyone seemed to cosplay from ones I don't know or just haven't watched . Am I watching the wrong Animé ?

Anyway each of of the cosplayers make their own outfits in the Parade , and it’s this which is quite amazing as the attention to detail is sometimes mind-blowing and can get quite expensive to.

I have cosplayed a few characters but have purchased the base outfits from cosplay sellers and only the hardest part is finding correct wigs,shoes or boots or accessories to complete a outfit and even this way it can set you back a pretty penny . Though my REMY Street-fighter outfit was a doozy as I had the jacket and Trousers already ( yes I possess RED trousers ) ,so I suppose you can say I made a outfit out of my own clothing.

But that's not to say I wander the streets dressed as characters from Animé and video Games , though it would be fun wouldn't it?

I think we should have COSPLAY DAY ,where everyone has to dress up as their favourite character

and go about their daily business. Like the police could all dress up as the Keystone cops and if someone’s not in cosplay they get arrested. Think how mad that would be.

Anyway our cosparade entrants all gave a good show , some where more experienced and really got into the proceedings playing out their characters to good effect , but I must admit Im sure how I would do myself ,it's large crowd watching and photographers taking pictures . They all have a lot of guts.

But once the ECG competition stared the anti was upped a couple of levels as as well as making a good outfit that represented the character being portrayed and getting up on stage our cosplayers had to perform as the characters from their beloved Animé or Game.

I would say it's easier to get a Anime Character as opposed to a video game as in a game your controlling the character so he or she is a extension of ones self . , not all games have much content to show the characters as they are leaving a lot to the imagination ,ones persons view of a game character may be completely different to another.

With animé you watch the character in motion and try to mimic them ,you either do it well or you don't . I have done a few games characters like REMY ( Streetfighter) ,Seven ( Final Fantasy Zero) and Erika from Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. It's not easy , But when I did a character from a animé ( Katou Rumi – Yumeiro Pattisseire) you can a get better feel for the role. This goes the same for posing for photo's getting the right look ,not easy , more so if your portraying the opposite sex which is quite common in cosplay.

There where some great costumes on the Saturday ,but of course the ones that stick in my head are from the media that I know. Some of my favourites where from Sacred Blacksmith , one cosplayer portrayed Luke Ainsworth , and put on a good show to boot.

Others included the girl from Black Rock Shooter which was impressive for the fact of the size of the Huge Gun she had made to go with the out fit. And I was also pleased to see film as well as anime or games with a pair portraying characters from Snow White and The Huntsmen.

Dante from Devil May Cry was also a firm favourite with the crowd along with Chocobo from the Final Fantasy series.

I did like the Sailor Moon girls , very colourful and vibrant costumes.

Sunday's cosparade entrants where just as exciting to see as the previous day, though I must admit there where more I was unfamiliar with as to those I new, but I did spot the girl from Panty Stocking and Garterbelt ,A guy as a character from Bleach (but then it's a game I like to play ,more so then watch the anime) but a a lot of the others evaded my knowledge for them.


The Tokyo Fashion show on Sunday was a mix of new and some of the previous days outfits. But once again it was fun to watch and Yun* Chi gave another stellar performance.

Plus we got to see some other aspects of the show with Traditional folk music ,Sake competitions and more.



But for a view on those aspects of the show please visit our sister site and there feature on the whole event ,links at the bottom of this very page.


But now enjoy the photo selection below and for even more photos check out this site photo gallery for another huge selection of photos'

We would like to say thanks to Hyper Japan and Spreckley Partners for the press passes and we will be there next July for the next show.

Our next cosplay feature will be from the Play Expo in Manchester in October 12th and 13th . Where be there for the 12th to cover the WCS preliminaries which is in conjunction with Hyper Japan Cosplay.

We are at the  London's Japan Matsuri on October 5th and London Film and Comic Con at Olympia on October 6th.,so if there's any cosplay there will try and grab a shot or two to do a feature on site..






*More Photos in the photo Gallery