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A Hyper 2012 Christmas

Those fun Gals and Guys at Hyper Japan put on their second show of 2012 on the 23rd,24th and 25th of November.

Now their show in February was a blast and featured some good acts and a good array of stalls selling Anime,Food ,Drink,and more.

For their Christmas show Hyper Japan secured some great talent which look set to further boost the shows popularity .

With artists like Visual Kei groups Micro Head 4N's ,Ninjaman Japan and Japanese Swordmasters Kamui .

Also on the agenda was Wa-pop star Tomoca and a special appearance on the Friday of Japanese Rock Guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei.

Wa-pop by Tomoca - activity stage

Now these where the big acts on stage ,to supplement this their where demonstrations from other Martial art clubs on the Activity stage plus a giant tuna carving on stage on Saturday.

Even with this all going on the show still had a lot of other things to offer with the likes of Namco Bandai and Nintendo showing their wares for the gamers in us .


Now of course the other big event of Hyper Japan was the cosplay competitions ,which started on the Saturday.

With a good proportion of visitors arriving in or with their cosplay costumes to change into, the show floor was a colourful array of Anime ,Video game and film characters.



The great thing about cosplay is the way everyone comes together for a day to portray their favourite character . It brings a lot of interest to the show floor with many cosplayers getting asked for pictures from people spotting their favourites.

The show played host to the preliminaries for the WCS (World Cosplay Summit) and the ECG ( European Cosplay Gathering) as well as a cosparade for people just wishing to strut their stuff on stage to show of their costumes ,which is open to any one who has made their costume as opposed to wearing a manufactured one of which I guess from many of the outfits on show are about fifty fifty in what people constructed and ones people bought from the many online retailers you can get a lot of the costumes from.

I loved this trio of Fighters - Sakura ,just love her

Friday was a quieter day so I myself chose to go just casually dressed. There where a few cosplayers on Friday but Saturday was the day where cosplayers seemed to make up forty percent of the visitors to the show .

Cosplayers pose for my camera, Naruto i believe.

I chose to go as Deuce from Final Fantasy 0 on Saturday , I had the uniform from my similar costume of Seven and just added a different wig and shoes to get the desired look .

Deuce peruses 

It was a simple costume to wear and was comfortable to be in all day as I also had to cover the show , taking pictures and such like .

Sunday I went as Remy from Street Fighter 3.

Remy busting a kick

With the cosplay events due to start the crowds started to converge on the stage . I took a few shot s of the cosplayers behind the stage who where getting ready for the parade ,once the parade was getting under way I placed myself in the press area and got a good spot.

All lined up for the Cosparade

Saturday was a busy day for the cosparade entrants with a good selection of players on stage , but once that was over it was time for the WCS and ECG competitions.

It was here that our entrants had to perform as their characters ,showing not just the work they have put into their costumes but how knowledgeable they are about the characters they are portraying.

One Christmas Babe you don't wanna mes with ,not with that chainsaw

With each entrant ,it's like watching a mini play which lasts that of your average film trailer.

All gave a fine display and many stunned the crowd with their attention to detail.

Saturday was the competitions for the Group contests for both the WCS and ECG ,while Sunday saw the solo contest for ECG.

Though not as many in the cosparade on Sunday the ECG solo contest was another tightly fought contest and the crowd once again gave lot of support.


The Winners

WCS group winners where Heather Lawrence and Erin Bower who cosplayed the characters Eiko Carol and Vivi Ornithier from Final Fantasy IX.


Heather Lawrence and Erin Bower take the prize


They will be heading to Nagoya in Japan next year to take part representing the UK

ECG group winners where Lettie Shield and Claudia Maw as Frodo Baggins and The Witch King from Lord of the Rings.

ECG solo win went to Kyle Whittington who cosplayed Kuma from Afro Samurai ,he will be heading to Paris next year with Lettie Shield and Claudia Maw to represent the UK at the ECG.

Kyle Whittington as Kuma

We here at Cosplay Heroes wish them well.

Rest of the Show

Now of course we had lots of other things going on at Hyper Japan Christmas , Kamui sword-masters where on hand for the whole show ,they performed three stage shows and around eight workshops over the three days,.

Friday early evening was Kamui's first stage performance which went down a treat with the fans ,performing to the soundtrack of Kill Bill ( of which they are best known for in the West ) they displayed a range of choreographed fights from dynamic battles to one on one confrontations and even comedy where they got some audience participation .

Kamui on stage Friday 23rd November 2012

 Kamui Stage show Sunday 25th November 2012

Of course for Friday's visitors the highlight was the combination of Kamui performing on stage with Japanese Rock guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei who came along to perform his Battle without Honour and Humanity live on stage...

Tomoyasu Hotei on stage Friday 23rd November 2012

It really was a once in a lifetime experience for many . Quite awesome.

Kamui workshop Sunday 25th November 2012

Kamui also did a series of workshops for those who where brave enough to take part , having to learn sword routines and then perform a short scenario in front of the watching crowds .

Off course I took part in the last workshop on Sunday ,even though I did cosplay that day ,it was a even simpler one which was just a matter of removing my wig and changing my T-shirt . Though it may have been funny to have Remy from Street-fighter 3 doing Kamui workshop.

Another fun surprise at the show where Visual Kei group Ninjaman Japan who performed their main show on Saturday evening .they also did a couple of Mini shows on the Activity area on Friday and Sunday of which I saw one on Friday and then the main event on Saturday.

Ninjaman Japan sign autographs after one of their sets

Ninjaman Japan where great combining Jrock with Martial arts all in a Glam rock style . Even if it's not your type of music ,from a entertainment point it's pretty marvellous. They where so much fun . Another great group of guys who where great with the fans .

So if you have seen the stage shows and your thinking what else ,well of course you could try your hand at Calligraphy, browse the many stalls selling their wares and money is easy spent at these events I can assure you. Or maybe you wanted to have a go at Konami 's card Captors game or play the videogames on show .

Though Nintendo where there showcasing the Wii U console their stand was a bit tiny compared to previous stands at the Hyper Japan event , but they did not showcase anything I had not previously had go of at  MCM.

Teeny Tiny Nintendo stand



Dragon Ball ''Z''

We did get a go at the new PS3 game Ni No Kuni ''Wrath of the White Witch'' ,it's a elegant Anime inspired game and plays just like a Animated film.

Tekken on Wii U was one game I wanted to try ,but just could not be bothered to wait ,some people where living on the units, though a go on Wii U Tank Tank Tank proved it's a acquired taste, so glad I waited and did not pre order any games with my Wii U .

Manga video was there selling many popular anime ,though I resisted as I had previously purchased a bucket load from them at a other show and still have them to watch and review for the site.

Food and drink is another big thing at Hyper Japan ,with the Sake event and Sushi competitions. I quite like Sake and have purchased some at previous shows ,think I still have some from the February show. I had meant to restock but it slipped my mind and anyway I had a sample but chose not to partake in the Sake experience ,i did hear that the queues for this and the sushi event where long , anyhow the though of being half drunk for the day didn't appeal.

We did sample some Japanese Teas and sweets. It's funny how varied their teas and sweets are ,some are quite nice and easy to accustom to while others are very strange combinations and this is from a person who has a Eastern to Northern European palate , I must say I prefer their main meals to their Sweets sometimes.

Ye I'll stick to the Spicy Noodles,Chicken Beef,Squid and so forth I think.

Yes Hyper Japan Christmas 2012 was another sublime event , The cosplay has increased in quantity and quality over the past couple of years and who knows the event might get as big for cosplay as the London MCM shows in the future.

But it was the diversity of the stage acts and experiences people could partake in that made a great show, Want to find out about going to Japan ,have a massage, Play Games,do martial arts,go shopping,have drink,eat lots, you could do it all at Hyper Japan.

The only sad thing is it's over !

When is the Next one ?

Hyper Japan = A world of Japan right on your doorstop.


January 2013.











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