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     Hyper Japan Festival Cosplay at O2


Hyper Japan Festival 2015

Cosplay Special




Hyper Japan Festival held at the O2 Arena in London's Docklands was host to some great acts on the live stage and culture stages.

With a host of stars from the Japanese music scene from R&B duo Ilu Grace to J Pop idols Rio Hiiragi and Dempagumi Inc who entertained the crowd over the three days.

J Pop Idol Rio Hiiragi sings her heart out at the O2


Add to this the main show floor with stalls selling Japanese media ,Clothes and novelty items there was a lot to see and do .

All of this was covered in our sister sites main feature for the show , which you can visit through the link at the bottom of this article.

R&B Duo Ilu Grace delivered some soulful tunes


But the other feature of Hyper Japan has always been cosplay , now in the past the show has been host to the likes of the European Cosplay Gathering Preliminaries ( ECG ) and the World Cosplay Summit Preliminaries ( WCS ) , normally with ECG Preliminaries being held in the Summer and WCS Preliminaries in the Winter .at their respective shows.

But this year saw Hyper Japan not host the ECG with the UK's largest video game convention set to be the host for ECG this year which was announced on the website of EGX ( formerly Eurogamer Expo ) before the show.

So this left Hyper Japan Festival without a major cosplay event , something which I thought may keep the cosplayers away .

But being a good weekend for weather there where certainly a fair number of cosplayers walking around the show. Maybe it seemed a slight odd to many visitors to the O2 as other events where happening at O2 and of course some visitors where like , what's with all these people dressed as strange characters .



It was definitely something to see as people sat in the bars and restaurants around O2 and they gazed in amazement as a scantily clad female would walk past carrying a giant axe or the odd guy in a Sailor Moon outfit.



Hyper Japan did cater for the cosplayers at the festival with two cosparades held on the Saturday and Sunday.

They where not overly complex affairs and where reliant on getting cosplayers to sign up to take part.

Saturday's cosplay event seemed to start of okay but when it was evident that some cosplayers that signed up had left or disappeared from the queue it did leave our host at a loss for words as he was announcing one cosplayer and another character would walk on.

After a short tally it get under way more smoothly and there where some great cosplays and I even managed to recognise a few characters , of course mainly from familiar series or games.


 Soul Eater cosplay


We had Maka Albarn from Soul Eater ( a marvellous anime series ) Link from Zelda , characters from Naruto , Bleach and even Princess Mononoke from the Studio Ghibli film..

At the end all the entrants came on stage so everyone could see them all together .

A good selection of characters for the Saturday


It was short but good little cosparade for the Saturday .

Sunday it seemed there where more copslayers in attendance in general , I think mainly because of the day being shorter with a earlier close of the event and the fact that you did not have to buy two tickets for the whole day , unlike the Saturday.


 Black Butler


Sunday's cosparade was pretty much more of the same , but we had a few more entrants and it all went smoother for the host.

And I even managed to make a few notes of some of the characters as it went along , not easy with camera in one hand and pen in the other , plus the fact that some cosplayers would appear and then be so quick they would be gone.


 Black Rock Shooter - Buttercup Boy


But once again a varied amount of costumes with some of my favourites being from Pandora Hearts , Black Rock Shooter , Guilty Gear , Final Fantasy 0 and Rise of the Guardians .



 Rise of the Guardians


But there where many others with the ''Five Nights at Freddy's '' mob being a fan favourite among the crowd. Not that I even know much about the game as I'm a dedicated console gamer and don't really take part in mobile gaming or PC gaming.


 Final Fantasy 7


But unlike the big copslay events with big prizes at stake the cosparade was over in little over forty minutes.



 The Gangs All Here!


So Hyper Japan Festival may have not been the big cosplay event all had hoped for mainly because I think the vast array of Japanese music acts where taking the main limelight this time.

Overall Hyper Japan Festival was a great show and cosplayers seemed to have fun with the outside of the O2 proving popular for meet ups and generally posing .

Thanks must go to Hyper Japan and Spreckley Partners for the Press passes .

Hyper Japan returns for their Christmas Market at Tobacco Dock on the 27th -29th November 2015.

Don't forget to view the main event feature on our sister site , link is below.



















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