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       Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2014 -Cosplay Special


Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2014

Cosplay Special

Welcome to Cosplay heroes special look at the cosplay for the Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2014.

This article is a secondary article to the general overview of Hyper Japan Christmas on

But first a small section on Hyper Japan in general to introduce those reading only this article .

Hyper Japan is London's Japanese Pop culture event which has been running since 2010. It showcases all things Japan from it's culture to cuisine ,Video Games,Music and Cosplay .

This years Christmas Market was a fun show with a varied selection of events for all to enjoy, With returning acts from Siro-A who always prove popular and Anna Yano who with her Unique brand of J pop music mixed with Japanese fashion.


 Anna Yano JPOP and Fashion show


But there where also new acts in the form of Diana Garnet a American girl who sings Jpop and more classical style Japanese songs in Japanese.


 Diana Garnet


Also Joe Inoue famous for his renditions of Naruto soundtracks proved popular to.


 Energy gone crazy , that's how i describe Koike Miyu


Plus JOPO idol Koike Miyu set the stage alight with her energetic performance of J pop songs getting the audience tapping their feet.

Fans of Martial arts had a area they could view various schools from around London who where demoing their arts from Karate,Jiujitsu,Iadio and Kendo.



 Something for every one at Hyper Japan Christmas Market


Also being Christmas the focus is also on finding that unique present for Christmas amongst the many stalls selling food,clothes,Sake and various media,

We where there for the three days to report on the show and bring you some exclusive pictures from the event.

O f course many go to the event for the cosplay , and as per usual there where cosparades and the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries on the Sunday..

Saturdays Cosparade was a colourful show of various styles and varied characters from Anime,film and Video Games.



With Judges on hand the crowds sat down to cheer each entrant as they walked on stage , some performing a very small scene from their favorite media influence.

Must admit not all I new, but all where great with some extensive work put into the costumes, from a excellent SAN from the Studio Ghibli anime Princess Mononoke and a brilliant group entry where Dragon Ball Z took over the stage.


 Dragon Ball Z takes over the venue



Others included one of my favorite anime , Katekyo Hitman Reborn with a entry as Hibari Kyoya , I have the Chrome Dokuro costume myself. .

Kuchiki Rukia of  Katekyo Hitman Reborn (above)


With each new entry another new anime or character popped to life on stage , video game fans cheered as Kuchiki Rukia arrived from Bleach and the crowd went all soft with the appearance of Hello Kitty.

The very popular Attack on Titan was not to be missed as was the a entry from the Pokemon series.


Attack on Titan


There where not a lot of entries but it was fun and the stage packed with colour. The finalists picked up a goodie bag full of goodies from sponsors of the show.

But all shared In the fun of appearing on stage and showing of their hard work.

 Well this young lady would do well getting on the Tube !



 Our Entertainment while we waited for the judges decisions



 Winners Announced and prizes given


Sunday was a bit more intense for some part as the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries would be decided . Though only four entries which consisted of groups of two ,they each had to perform a set on stage .

The judges would have talked to them prior to the stage event about their costumes and inspected their build and construction of weapons and props which goes towards their final score.

I must admit I was pretty much baffled by the characters for most part ,not knowing of the anime or Manga or media it may have pertained to .

But the performances where top notch and the costumes excellent in every way , our first entry was from Anime Fushigi Yugi performing as Noa and Tarka was the Deuce duo.


 WCS entry Fushigi Yugi 


This was a great opening for the cosplay WCS. As each new entry appeared it got apparent that picking a winner for the judges was no easy task.

The duo performing as Roy Mustang and Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist gave a very fun performance which delivered everything to a pie in the face via a bucket.


WCS Entry - Full Metal Alchemist


Two young girls performed a aerial combat scene from another Anime , I believe one of the Macross variations.

For me these where a delight to watch with such thought into how to go about doing there act.

WCS Entry



After the WCS preliminaries was the cosparade for Sunday which again proved a another delight to watch with some great entrants .

Some of my favorites where a young lady doing a Soul Calibur cosplay and another young lady turning up as Jellyfish Pirate from Guilty Gear a classic 2d fighter and a slightly less known cosplay to do of which the weapon prop was huge .


Cosparade - Sunday


But as each contestant left the stage another appeared and brought more and more characters to life. There where even original ideas from entries as well as more commonly known characters from film like ''How to Train your Dragon 2 '' ,Anime ''My Neighbor Totoro '' which was a very novel take on the Studio Ghibli anime.


Cosparade Sunday 


Video games also probably made up a good proportion of the entries with more Bleach characters, and even Farcry making a appearance.

 Cosparade Sunday


As well as the cosparades and WCS cosplayers where out in force in general at the show to , but maybe not as much as at the earlier July show in . But this may have been due to it being November and quite chilly.

After the cosplay we were treated to the Diana Garnet and Joe Inoue duo performance which rounded of the Sunday other then the announcements of the winners of the WCS competition .


 Diana Garnet and Joe Inoue perform on the Sunday 


The winners where the Deuce duo who performed as Noa and Tarka from Fushigi Yugi , so they where the lucky recipients of the prize of going to Japan to represent the UK in 2015.

Prize Giving for WCS and Sunday Cosparade  rounded of the day


All in all Hyper Japan Christmas 2014 was another fun packed show , the cosplay was really wonderful to watch with some great costumes from the entries who made them..

Here at Cosplay Heroes we look forward to next years shows which are at new venues , of which one has to be announced .

We thank Hyper Japan  and Cross Media for the Press passes for the show.

And look forward to 2015 being another cosplay filled year here on Cosplay heroes.


December 2014


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Sunday WCS Preliminaries





Cosparade Sunday






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