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             London Film and Comic Con


London Film and Comic Con 2012


 The Official Program - above

July 2012 saw the London Film and Comic Con took place at London's Olympia..

The show which ran for three days ,offered visitors the chance to meet many stars of Film and TV,

The show also plays host to many sellers offering Film and Game Memorabilia for sale for the discerning collector .

The first thing you see is the Bat-Mobile

Another aspect of show was the cosplay stage ,where many visitors turn up in Costumes of their favourite Film,Comic or game related character .

Now my initial plan was to attend the show for a couple of days, but due to other commitments I only ventured there on the Saturday.

Now Not having been to this particular event before I did not know what to expect ,but I envisioned something akin to the Excel MCM expo's .

Though entry fee's are smaller then the Excel shows, I must say I found my self stunned by the shows are geared to get as much money from visitors as possible.

Buy your ticket for Autograph /Photo and then queue when called

Now we all know that grabbing a autograph of a celebrity is going to cost money ,for most part you may think paying £10 to £15.00 for a autograph or picture with a star of your choice is fair. ( I in fact don't find this unreasonable) but when some autographs and photo shoots are charged at 25 to 35 £ then I start to question the morals of the organisers and the celebrities who condone such charges , celebrities must remember that it is the public that put them where they are ,without their fans and such like who would want to know them.

Unless you ave money to spend ,chances are you wasted your time

Thing was the queues for some of these guests where amazing with probably tens of thousands of pounds changing hands over the three days.

More visitors waiting to get a glimpse of their favourite star.

But what really got my goat is the charges to see what basically was a celebrity talk ,though some where free ,there where a number which where charged and again £15 - £20 on top of your entry fee to just see a talk is not on in my book ( MCM don't charge ,why do these guys?) , I saw Danny DeVito for free at MCM .

No luck at this show.

Now there where lots of guests there I must admit, from Adam Baldwin to stars of Game of Thrones ,Star Trek,Heroes and many more shows. But unless you where buying a ticket for autographs or photo's getting to see these celebrities was not that easy.

Star of HEROES and many other film and TV Hayden Panettiere signs autographs

I did see Adam Baldwin an a couple of others , but the way the show was set out I gave up after a while.

There he is Adam Baldwin, sitting down in front of that guy with 012 on his back.

I perused the stalls for a while ,some sellers where offering some bargains, whilst others where being ridiculously crazy with there prices for some items.

More celebrities wait to sign Autographs - these maybe were not so well known 

To be honest with out the Cosplay brigade bringing some colour and fun to the proceedings I feel the show was a bit of a let down.

I also felt the way the show was laid out was not very nice looking, Shows like MCM ,Hyper Japan and others I have been to have a pleasant feel when entering ,i just did not get the same feeling upon entering this event.

So in the end the shows OK if a particular celebrity appearing is someone you have to see ,then it may be worth venturing to, Like I said some bargains can be had ,but you have to really search each stall first and don't forget to haggle ,most sellers don't want to lug back all their wares,they would rather take a cut in price ( especially on the last day) .

My main gripe with the event is the lack of entertainment for your entry fee , without forking out a small fortune you may just have wasted the fee for getting into the show, which in my opinion should be reduced even more if their going to charge you for everything else in the show.

Regulation Stormtroopers on Guard as always.

I actually think MCM is great value for money for amount of entertainment on offer .

Thank god for some cool cosplayers on hand who posed for some shots. Some of which are below ,others are in the photo galleries.

I must admit I was going to cosplay for the event ,but after visiting on the Saturday ,i thought there was no way I was going to return on Sunday in cosplay . I would have been bored within a hour.


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