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      London Film & Comic Con 2013 Winter


London Film and Comic Con Winter

The London Film and Comic Con had it's second show of the year at Olympia in London's Kensington.

The previous show held at Earls Court was one we could not get to and this new show added to their itinerary was a welcome announcement.

The show fell on the weekend of 5th and 6th of October , we visited the show on Sunday the 6th.

Unlike the MCM Comic Con at Excel this show does not concentrate on games so much ,and it's focus is directed more to TV ,Film and Western media more then the whole Japanese / Western mix of the MCM shows..

The line up of stars at the show was not one to blow my mind either , though stars such as Natasha Henstridge ( Species) Brian Blessed and Sam Jones ( Flash Gordon) where appearing along with quite a few other stars from film and TV to.

Though Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson and Kevin Sorbo ( Hercules, Kull the Conqueror) where due to appear they had to cancel.

But one thing you get lots of at any decent size comic con and that's Cosplay. Even though the venue was not to busy when I arrived and it seemed to stay that way there where a good proportion of visitors in Cosplay from popular franchises like Star Wars,Doctor Who, Vocaloid,Devil May Cry and Assassins Creed proving a familiar sight as well as the DC and Marvel characters many turn up as.

After a good wander round looking at the stalls selling their wares , you could pick up anything from a rare video tape (yes VHS) DVD,video Games ,posters ,figurines and collectables from the many sellers.

Of course making sure you scour each stall to find the best prices and not jumping at the first stall and handing over the cash before you peruse.

There's also a small retro gaming section with Consoles and arcade machines ,i did notice a Dreamcast running .

Now we where lucky enough to be there for the Cosparade ( though we did miss the beginning ) and this was a enjoyable event where those who had the get up and go could strut their stuff on stage in front of a audience.

There where prizes for the winners as well ranging from Ten Pounds to One hundred Pounds , not something to be sniffed at.

I myself was going to go in Cosplay ,but just did not have the time to finalise anything as I was out the day before and time was scarce. Though I will be cosplaying at the October MCM show for both days we attend.

The cosparade was good fun to watch, though some do get carried away sometimes ,remember there's alcohol on sale at these events.

But there where some great costumes with again Assassins Creed cropping up a couple of times ,Devil May Cry ,Wolverine from Xmen and Game of Thrones also proving popular with the crowds as well.

It seemed a very laid back affair through out the show, unlike the pandemonium often encountered at MCM or Hyper Japan. the past couple of years.

The London Film and Comic Con seems a good show if there's a certain star you want to grab a autograph or photo with. It was not as big as the previous one held at Olympia in 2012 and that could be because of the amount of stars available or the fact that this was their first Winter show.

I for one was looking to see the guests that could not make it . Also it's not so easy to get shots of the stars if your not queuing for a autograph or photo. In fact unlike MCM it's nigh impossible without barging through crowd control and as to be honest I just didn't know any of them .

Obviously I am into other things or the fact that I don't watch great amounts of TV that I don't know these people.

I suppose my TV cravings stem to Game of Thrones,Alphas,Big Bang and that's about it , I suppose if they had guests of the Animé directors and artists or Asian film stars I would be getting autographs and photo's left right and center.

But even still they have to be some one I really want to meet before I spend the money.

I enjoyed the show and the cosplay was great and the laid back feel was quite cool ,it was just easy to navigate and get around.

There are more photo's from the Cosparade in the Photo Gallery  of the site as well so don't forget to visit there as well.


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