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   London Film & Comic Con 2014



London Film and Comic Con July 2014

The weekend of the 11th - 13th July 2014 saw the London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) return to London's Earls Court 2 in London.




A three day event that showcased many stars from TV,Film,Sport and Publications on hand to meet their fans ..

Also a vast array of merchandise stalls selling Films,DVD's,Posters and other memorabilia.

For the Anime and cosplay fans ,they where not left out with cosparades ,talks,skits and more .



We attended on the Sunday , browsing the stalls and sitting in on the Cosplay Parade ans snapping some of the cosplayers who took the time to attend in costume. We also browsed the signing areas to see who we could see .

The big attractions at the show where the attendance of Carrie Fisher and Ian Mcdiamid who where Princess Leia and Emperor in Star Wars episode IV-VI .. Of course these two stars had the biggest pull as the Star Wars fans where out in force , with queues stretching for the signing , And with the stars well hidden in a maze of walls ,so spotting them was not going to happen.


Watch out Chewie's kidnapped a child.


So unless you had £60 odd pounds to get a autograph or photo ,seeing them was pretty much not going to happen.


 Stormtrooper Alert!


But some of the other stars where viewable ,though some queues hindered this, we did spot Billy Dee Williams and Michael Madson ,but where to far away to get a good photo and again a maze of barriers stopped us getting closer .

But we where lucky to get to spot Star of Terminator,Abyss,Aliens and Navy Seals , Michael Biehn and Director ,writer George Romero of the Day of Dead fame. ..


Spotting the stars


I must admit there where quite a few stars I walked past ,but many I did not know ,so never bothered taking pictures, ,some a I did recognise but could not remember from what film or series. And if I did not know the name it did not click.

But I'm sure for all the people that turned up to meet their idols and did ,had a great time.

As always there where a barrage of Game of Thrones stars ,but with the series moving along and many getting killed of , you have to be quick to actually meet someone whose still in the series.



The cosparade was fun and the entrants put on a good show. ,but it's a shame more of the cosplayers don't take part ,i suppose stage fright plays a part. and the fact that the costumes have to be made and not manufactured . As there where some cool cosplayers just walking around the show floor.



I myself was going to go in Cosplay ,but in the end I did not get up early enough to start preparing for that and it was a hot day and the thought of wearing a Cosplay Wig or outfit all day quickly left my mind , especially as we went by tube train to Earls Court.



It's Cosplay Time


The stalls where interesting and you have to be strong to not spend,spend ,spend. I couldn't understand the lack of some gaming zones and I thought the Batman vehicles where supposed to be there ,but instead there was some big rock sculpture upon entering the show floor. Which to be honest was bland and did nothing for the initial WOW factor for entering the show.

But outside where the Transformers vehicles and we got a few shots of those ..



The shows back in the Winter in October ,so where be back again for another view.. But of course before then we have Hyper Japan ,Japan Matsuri and the EGX Game Expo which is at Earls Court to.


 Batman attacks, Transformers Attack ,The Game of Thrones Girls pose


Below are some more photos from the event  .

We hope to be in Cosplay at one day for Hyper Japan and Maybe EGX if I can be bothered ,but as EGX is all about getting some game time I'm not sure..

Enjoy the pictures and where hope to see you all at future events.


July 2014.










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