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     London Film and Comic Con  Winter 2014

London Film and Comic Con Winter 2014

The weekend of the 18/19 October saw the London Film and Comic Con return to Earls Court 2 for their Winter show.

Again with a host of stars and celebrities for fans to meet and get autographs and Pictures with.

Add to this the numerous stalls selling DVD's / Bluray ,Posters and other memorabilia visitors could spend a pretty penny get that all to hard to find collectable or out of print film.

Giving the proceedings a blast of colour and fun are the cosplayers who turn up dressed as their favourite characters . With a dedicated cosplay stage which hosted talks and the all important cosplay masquerade where brave entrants could strut their stuff for a enthusiastic audience .




Returning for a second time this year was Star Wars star Carrie Fisher ( whose in London filming the New Stars Wars film) , like the July show the star was hidden away behind a enclosed area ,so only visitors that had paid to meet her or get their photo taken with her could actually see her.

The same can be said for Games of thrones star Jerome Flynn , who I actually did see as he must have been on a break and was walking back to his enclosed area.. If only I had seen him earlier I could have got a sneaky picture , but I actually was right by him before I noticed who he was and it was the fact he was flanked by a LFCC representative and a heavy in a suit.

The other big name to visit the show was Ralph Macchio ,star of the Karate Kid Trilogy and Crossroads among others. It was quite amazing that he does not seem to age and at fifty two looks like he did back in 1984 in the Karate Kid film ,only maybe slightly heavier ,but not much mind.

From a star point of view it was a bit of a 80's ,90's time warp. Now Karate Kid is a iconic film and It was good to see Ralph Macchio with the fans and having a good time by what I could tell. .

Now two of my other favourite films from around that time where The Last Star Fighter ''1984'' , a film about a young man who gets entwined into a intergalactic battle when he manages to complete a certain score on a space arcade game at the trailer park where he lives.

What he' does not know is the arcade machine is a test to see who can be recruited to save the universe from a invading force.. The star of that film is Lance Guest who had previously starred with Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasance in the 1981 film Halloween 2.

But I must admit I would have not recognised him had it not been for the big banner above his head. .Though not maybe that well known in the UK or Europe Lance Guest has been on stage and seems to work more in TV then the films starring in many well known franchises.

A fact of note is that a video game tie in to the film was made , titled the same , but the licence was dropped before releases for what reason we don't know.


The game was re-named Star Raiders 2 as a sequel to the earlier Atari game . Again released on Atari 8bit systems in 1986 and in 1987 on ZX Spectrum,Amstrad CPC and C64..

It was one of the few Spectrum games I completed due to being a fan of the The Last Star fighter film. The basic story and enemies remained unchanged other then some plot lines.

Staying with 1986 and the other film that really had me hooked was ''The Hitcher'' Rutger Hauer played the villain in this tight tense road movie with a horrific twist. The unsuspecting victim of the film was played by C Thomas Howell ( Red Dawn,ET,Soul Man) and it is he who also attended the show , though when I got a few shots of him there where not that many fans queuing to see him.



C Thomas Howell is another actor who also directs and seems to be constantly working with many films each year ,many of which are straight to DVD and of course many of which that don't always see the light of day in the UK .

So far we had seen three iconic stars of the 80's ,then we spotted a 70's icon ,former American football player turned actor Fred Williamson star of many Blaxploitation films in the 70's like That Man Bolt, Three Tough guys ,Black Cobra in the 80's.

Fred Williamson also starred in 1996 film Dusk Till Dawn. At 76 in his black leather jacket he looked as tough today as he did in all his films.

I was starting to run out of faces that I new, there were a lot of stars from Star Wars and Doctor Who ,many of which played parts where their faces would have been obscured or covered with masks or prosthetic make up. But I did spot Peter Purves and Peter Duncan of Blue Peter and Doctor Who fame.

There were a couple of stars that were not at their tables when I was around ,so I did miss a few.

As always LFCC also play host to sport stars as well , mainly from the wrestling department , again not being a wrestling fan I only spotted one I know and that was Solofa Fatu Jr. aka Rikishi or simply FATU. Thing is Solofa has a twin brother ,also a wrestler named Sam Fatu aka The Tonga Kid /Tama. So it may be him I new and as they look the same I would not know.

One star I missed due to him never being at his table area was Billy Boyd ( Lord of the Rings) he played the Hobbit Peregrin 'Pippin 'Took.

So after browsing the stalls and seeing what things are fetching ,i always find it interesting to see what people are selling and for how much...

Next up was the cosplay masquerade , I had a taken some shots of the cosplayers wandering about the show floor as I walked round when it was possible to catch their attention.

But the main event was on stage in the afternoon, we set about getting our seats at the front for a good spot for some pictures.

The stage was slightly smaller then the previous two LFCC shows I went to and proved somewhat limited in size for some of the cosplayers who had set routines , many choosing to use the floor space in front of the stage as well ..



With quite a few groups taking part , the stage often became quite busy, ,the Scott Pilgrim group put on a nice show to start us all of. From live singing from our Mulan cosplayer to a intergalactic battle between Superman and Princess Leia,




The gender bender version of Freddy Kruger gave new twist to a horror theme and a zombie who actually looked like one of the un-dead and was about to eat the judges was not someone you would like to meet waking home at night.



Keeping with the zombie and Halloween theme the Scooby Doo group gave Shaggy,Velma,Daphne and Fred the Un-dead look to great effect.



The My Little Pony girls proved very cute as did our female versions of Loki . Another big group was the Avatar group ( the Anime ,not the James Cameron film) with some brilliant costumes .

Single entries included the tried and tested heroes from Star Wars like Obi-Wan , Spider Man and friend ,Luffy from One Piece ( Female version) and another gender bender version of the great Banana Boy as Banana Girl .



But it was the brilliant Rise of the Guardians duo that stole the show with a costume that was amazing .

Whilst the judges pondered the Iconic League Charity group came to the stage to get support with there members in various cosplays and a Dragon Ball Z group .

Though not a huge cosplay show ,one thing it did not lack was entertainment , as the large crowd watching where glued to their seats.

All in all LFCCW 2014 was a good show with lots of familiar celebrities from TV and film, a large selection of dealer stalls and a good turn up of cosplay participants to bring that special feel good feeling to the event.

Must admit I did wonder to go in cosplay myself ,but as I was not really planning ahead and when I would actually go it was all spur of the moment as to when I would visit the show.

Hopefully next year I will plan a couple of cosplays to do at the event .

With just a few more events left this year where the cosplay crowds will meet ,it looks like it will be up to the private parties ,Halloween and group meets till the season starts again in the new year.

So till next time , Don't forget you can be who you want to be as long as you enjoy yourself and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.


October 2014.