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 MCM Comic Con London-Euro Cosplay Finals October 2014



MCM Comic Con October 2014

EuroCosplay Finals

Welcome to part two of the K.I.T.G. Groups coverage of the MCM Comic Con London 2014.

For the first part see the link at the bottom of the page , it features on our sister site .

The weekend of 24th -26th October saw the Excel centre in London's Docklands play host to the largest Comic Con in the UK.

We attended on the Saturday and like so many others attended in cosplay. After perusing the stalls , video game stands and various panels we concentrated on getting some pictures of the many cosplayers at the event.



With nice weather many took time outside to pose for photos in the daylight , getting up to games and other meets.



By now your know that as Cosplay88 I more then often cosplay and Saturday 25th was no exception,choosing to portray Dark Sabre from Fate Hollow. Donning the multi -layered dress and corset, wig which I had to adapt so it would not keep falling of and finding a way to attach my sword to my outfit.



 As Dark Saber from Fate Hollow


The sword still needs painting to get it right , but hopefully the next time I wear this costume it will be done. I was quite surprised to be stopped upon only just entering the show hall by someone spotting the outfit.

It actually proved quite a good costume to wear as it was warm and outside it was just right , if I had worn some of the others I have , it may have been a bit cold.

Of course after a full day at the show certain aspects of the costume where hindering my comfort a bit but nothing to annoying...

There where some amazing costumes on show at the event ,some which looked like they took months to make. Of course a vast majority where in manufactured or commissioned costumes, like the one I was wearing.


 It's Dante and Foe


From Various film, anime and games. Assassins Creed proving popular once again along with One Piece pirates,Naruto and numerous Spidermen and Batman walking around.

Nintendo characters also proved another big part of the event with Mario and Luigi variations, Link and Princess Peach .

I did spot a couple of Street Fighter characters ,not as many as I spotted in May , but Chun Li and Ryu and Akuma where walking around the show.

But the early evening saw the cosplay taken to another level as the Eurocosplay championships got under way a little after five o'clock.

After about half hour waiting to get into the theatre where the event was being held. We made our way in and I got seated by the stage to get some good shots of the entrants .

A large stage was set with some dynamic lighting and as the judges got into position once all the checks had been done it was time for one of the biggest UK cosplay events get started.

With more then twenty qualifying countries ,each entry had a practised there set as they performed a set routine in their costume which they had made themselves.



Judged on construction and detail of the costume prior to the stage event this was the final part where their performance and how their costume stood up to the performance would go to their final scores.

With a full theatre and the Worlds cosplay community watching as the event was live streamed around the world .It really was not the time for any pre-performance jitters.

With the use of dynamic lighting, soundtracks compiled by the entrants and quite a few stage props made by the entrants the audience was treated to three hours of pure cosplay magic.

From popular more well known media to the something a little less in vogue the entrants gave their all.

Like I said about the props , some where huge like Portugal's entry of Princess Gabriela , who had this wall and gate on stage which she made her entrance through, Covered up at first but uncloaking to reveal a marvellously detailed costume.



I must say it was one we thought may clinch the prize. Ana Isabela Santos made a brilliant early entry to the proceedings.




ArashiCZ Chang'e Faerie of the Moon was another favourite of ours . But one we saw earlier in the day was Pilerud's cosplay of the Xenomorph from the 1979 film Alien.

This was amazing , how he made this was baffling as earlier I thought it may have been a actual prop from the film .


 Xenomorph - Amazing and scary


Things were hotting up and the show was only just started .

There was a Bayonetta cosplay which was also tremendous but my camera batteries gave way at the moment she entered the stage , by the time I found my spares and reloaded she was gone.

Finland's entry from Eina of Yurick from The Last Story was the start of series of entries from the Baltics which blew my mind and the girl next to me from the screaming in my ear.



The Shining Blade entry from Slovakia was another intricate costume .




Assassins Creed was also popular as was proved from France's entry.




Zaky from Romania did a cool rendition of Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Now some of the characters I did not know ,either the media is not as popular in the UK or maybe I have been asleep somewhere.

But Slovakia returned with another entrant with the character Claus Haine from Scissors Crown..



Must admit i was having battery problems on the camera and it was not long before they needed another change .

The Swiss entry from Chech was Game of Thrones character Daenarys Targaryen , and she even brought along her Dragons. Just where do you start , make a costume , make Dragons of varying sizes , ohh and Eggs.



It was ,like being in some crazy make believe world.

Now a very Popular theme is Kingdom Hearts and the Polish entry of SORA from Kairi proved that the props only get better . With a fantastic set piece played out to the crowd your then blinded by the work that's gone into it all.



Denmark and Germany followed with characters from

Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Final Fantasy Dissidia. Both entertaining the crowd as well as the last.



With the event of Smash Brothers coming to Nintendo 3DS and Wii U someone had to do a entry from the popular series of games . Well left up to a Netherlands entry portraying Princess Peach , Crystal Mimi gave a great demo of battling her adversaries with cut outs of Link and help from our host.

The Russian entry gave Deathstroke fans hard core mutilation on stage , it's OK folks it was only a dummy ..



Those afraid of spiders should steer clear of the next entry by Limnauth as ARACHNE .

With video games proving as popular as the Anime and film themed entrants our next Netherlands and Romanian entrants gave us Commander Shepard from Mass Effect 3 and Dynasty Warriors 7 character Zhen Ji.



More game characters followed in the form of Assassins Creed, Lost Planet, World of Warcraft and the The Witcher 2 , a game I’m actually in need of buying and playing before the release of it's next gen sequel in 2015.



We have had huge stage props ,but what about huge mechanical hands or guns ,that's exactly what the Lithuanian and Estonian entrants gave us in their League of Legends cosplays.


 The Lithuanian Entry - League of Legends



More League of Legends followed with Fire Kitty as Shyvana from the series.



Must admit I was waiting to see if a entry featured a character from Frozen and just so happens cosplayer Yurai did a great rendition of Elsa .



Trinity Blood followed , a series I must get into , once I of course finish some of the others . So many to see.

But one cosplay I never thought would appear was The Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow. This was a magnificent entry and brought the show to a nice end.




All that was left was the judging , while we waited I actually got up and stretched my legs after being crouched on the floor for the entire show.

I would like to be the one to pick , but the judges finally come to the decision that Poland's entry of Kingdom Hearts and the Character Sora was the overall winner , it was a good cosplay and the props were amazing .




But was it your favourite ? Let us Know below.

Runners Up included the Frozen cosplay and one I new had to have place was Xenomorph.

A great show and probably one of the best cosplay events I have seen .

We look forward to seeing next years hopefuls.

Thanks to MCM Group for the Press Passes to the show .

Check out the photo gallery below and the sites photo albums for more pictures.

So till next time , Remember it's only you that stops you wanting to be who you want to.
















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