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           MCM Comic Con May 2015 -Cosplay Special


MCM Comic Con May 2015 – Cosplay Special

Welcome to the Cosplay Heroes coverage of the May 2015 MCM Comic Con.. The three day event held at London's Excel on the weekend of 22nd May 2015.

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Here we concentrate more on the cosplay and the cosparade .

But to get things started , the weekend was a fine weekend for visitors to the show , which was lucky as a record number of visitors turned up for the event over the three days.

For anyone not having a pre -bought ticket for the Saturday they where out of luck as the tickets sold out for the Saturday nearly a week before.

We could only get there on the Sunday ,which lucky for us was the best day crowd wise and weather wise.

The fringe stage outside had a variety of skits and performances through out the day for people to enjoy in the sunshine.

Inside visitors could play some of the forthcoming games from Nintendo,Warner and Namco Bandai.

We must admit we did spend a good deal of time getting to grip with the games , especially Nintendo's new shooter SPLATOON which launched the weekend after the show.

The stalls had a vast array of goods for people to buy from film and game media to bags,plushies and figures.

Those interested in the visiting stars could sit in on star panels or even get a autograph or photo with the visiting stars..

But of course the one thing you go to comic con for is to see the many fantastic costumes visitors turn up in ,either made by themselves or manufactured , because even a pre- made one can look really good if a personal touch is added.

Now being as we caught the train this time I decided to go as my Remy character from Street fighter 3 . It was easy look to walk about in and I just had to put the blue wig on while I was there..

Even though when turning up at Stratford train station the platform for Excel was filled with more characters of game and anime then people in normal clothes.

Anyway as we wandered round we spotted so many great costumes ,, many I just did not know ,but others jumped out straight away with Naruto,Bleach Mortal Kombat and various Disney and Pixar films obviously influencing many ..

A great pair of Terminators from the Schwarzengger films of the same name. Perfect renditions of the T-800 and the third films T-X who was played by Kristina Loken.

We actually managed to get some great photos of visitors on the day , But of course our main shots came at the cosparade held in the Excels Platinum sweet upstairs.



This new venue for the cosparade was quite nicely set up, maybe not as big as maybe needed ,but we where seated on the floor by the stage to get the best shots ,but it was wall to wall people behind us.

Once the stage was set and our hosts where ready it was time for some really amazing entrants . Some gave a performance ,while others entertained by song or other means like the comedic M Bison of Streetfighter the video game.


 Free DVD's ,YAY


From the Legend of Zelda to Disney's Tangled and Frozen to more obscure ideas including the films Castaway which starred Tom Hanks as a man stranded on a island for five years whose only friend is a volleyball he paints a face on.


M Bison tells jokes


There even a couple of original ideas for cosplay , one being a man portraying some kind of futuristic character by the name of Lars. His performance was quite dramatic , it was good.


The Cosparade was not a massive showing and lasted about a hour or so.. Unlike the big competition they hold in October.

But there was variety in the costumes, and even though a couple portrayed the same characters or from the same theme , each where different to appreciate the work that goes into each one.

There where two performers from the Legend of Zelda , and I think two from Tangled.


The Lights are on!


It's always the ones with enormous props that impress me , how do they make them and to carry them around all day ,it's just amazing..




The girl portraying Ruby Red with her large weapon was very eye catching.. Another entrant had this massive shield , I say massive but it was gigantic , very impressive.

Not sure of the character but maybe World of Warcraft if I remember rightly , there's a comment box below if you actually know the character.


 Paniclab take to the stage


After the Parade we where treated to a small stage show by performance artists Paniclab who did a small exert from their stage show RIOT.

This gave enough time for the judges to decide on the winners and give out the prizes..

All in all the vast array of cosplay at the event was mind blowing , it's amazing how so many turn up in cosplay but it's crazy how you see so many characters , very few actually end up coming as the same as someone else .. That's of course unless your planning to as was the case as these Luffy characters from the video and anime One Piece Pirates.


We Thank MCM Group for the press pass and hope to see everyone at the next event ..

And remember we all need to escape once in a while and what better way then being your inner hero for the day..

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