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 MCM Comic Con October 2013-Excel London



MCM Comic Con October 2013

Comic Con at London's Excel in October is the UK's biggest Comic Con, MCM group hold a number of shows throughout the year appearing in the upper regions of Scotland through to the Midlands and London in the South East.

The London shows in May and October are the largest of all the shows they hold with the October one being the largest as this is where many Video games companies show of the latest Christmas releases.

Now with large numbers ever increasing MCM secured even more space for the October show ,having three halls dedicated to the show .

Of course one of the main reasons to visit Comic Con is to dress up in Cosplay as your favourite characters from Anime ,film and Video Games or even create your own.

One thing with the Excel shows is that Cosplayers seem to be in the majority at times, I'm sure their not ,but every where you turn your head there's another character from TV or a video game you might know.

With the main hall hosting various events from Game competitions in the Games theatre to screenings of the latest trailers and shorts in the MCM theatre .

Add to this a stage set up for Cosplay,Music and Dance and Panels there's quite a lot to see without taking in the actual show floor which houses the latest video games from the big boys like Nintendo, Bandai Namco,Ubisoft,Tecmo Koei and more.

If that doesn't float your boat you might want to peruse the various stalls selling anything from DVD's ,Comics,Plush toys ,bags and other media inspired goodies from top sellers like Manga Entertainment, Rising Star Games,Tokyo Pop and individual sellers with many weird and wonderful collectables which you know you shouldn't buy but can not resist in doing so.

With unlimited cash you could really fill up your car when at a MCM. Comic Con.

And it does not end there , in another hall MCM had Autograph and Photo booths set up for stars from TV and Film who had signed up to appear, with names such as Thomas Jane ,Kelly Hu , Rachel Skarsten ,Saul Rubinek and quite a few others of which I personally know not of. But I suppose you have to follow the various shows they star in to know every actor or actress by name or face.

Meet the Stars


So for a price which was quite reasonable compared to some shows I have been to , you could get a signed photo of the star or have a photo taken with the star for £15 and £20 respectably .

Kelly Hu star of Arrow,Warehouse 13 and Scorpion King 

Being a follower of Kelly Hu ( Arrow,Scorpion King, Warehouse 13) I did indulge in a signed photo of her ,it also gives you a short time with the star to and I must say Kelly is really down to earth as where her fellow co-stars of Warehouse 13 ,Saul Rubinek and Eddie McClintock.

Saul Rubinek and Eddie McClintock (furthest right)


I was quite early and was actually the first in line for the signings ,not that I was desperate ,but I forgot the clocks went back the night before. I did wander what was going on until someone mentioned it and I hooked on.

Thomas Jane 

But the biggest queue seemed to be for Thomas Jane ( Punisher, Give'em Hell Malone) , I actually thought not many would know of him but I guess his role as The Punisher secured his following , with many fans of the cult anti hero.

Now I always try and be sensible ,plus money does not grow on trees and I limited myself to one autograph. But I was talking to people who where like there for two days and they just spent time getting autographs and photo’s done. One Lady I got talking to actually did all the stars bar Thomas Jane ( she did not look like a Punisher fan) , I figured she must have spent nigh on £700 for all the photos and autographs.

So if you want to meet the stars ,MCM is definitely the place to do so.

Now Konami had a whole hall to themselves where they had set up a giant Yu-gi-oh game board with visitors taking part , as well as tables with people playing the game against each-other. Who would think it was quite the phenomenon I t is.

 Yu Gi Oh! ,never new it was so popular


Over the course of the two days we where there I got to play some games ,see some acts on the Japan Expo stage from dance to music and even sat on a couple of cosplay panels ,which I must admit where quite entertaining.

I even managed to snap quite a few cosplayers in their garb . I myself going in cosplay both days to, as Seven from Final Fantasy zero on the Saturday and Remy from Street Fighter 3rd strike .

As Remy from Street-fighter 3 Third Strike

They had a different way of routing people this time ,as everybody in the Car parks adjacent to the center had to go outside and around the building as parts of the Excel where cordoned of due to some filming going on.

I was also glad I got my tickets early online as on Saturday the queue to purchase tickets was two hours at one point.

This really was a magnificent October show and the largest they had held, our problem was there was just not enough time to do everything ,also some things clashed with others, where definitely doing all three days next year at both shows .

But we got to see who we wanted to , play the games we wanted to ,Mario Kart 8 and Wind Waker HD on the Nintendo stand as well as a couple of 3DS titles including Steam World Dig.

We even won a £20 eshop voucher on Nintendo's Swag wheel




I wish it could be Comic Con every day ,it's such a crazy event with so much to see and do. And your entry price is well worth it .



Hopefully next year I can personally do some fresh cosplays on all days. I have to see what animé or games I get into first to see what to try.

Though we are at the Birmingham MCM Comic Con and Memorabilia show at the end of November , maybe we will see you there.

Article date : November 5th 2013.

By : Cosplay88

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