''Be Your Inner Hero''

             MCM eXpo  is Hot'Hot'Hot!

This May saw the return of the MCM eXpo at the London Excel Center,the expo is one of the largest Comic Cons in the UK . It's equivalent in the USA is probably the San Diego Comic Con. 

Though the MCM group run a series of Expo's in the UK throughout the year it's the London  Based shows that are the largest, with the end of year October Show being the largest overall (it's here that many new games releases get their showings and generally the show is larger) that's not to say that this years May show was small.It still boasted two large halls with events and music and more outside the main Excel building. 

 Topping that there is a after expo party held at the Excel Ibis Hotel on the Saturday night ,so if your still standing and want to get on down to some groovy tunes and meet fellow Cosplayers,Gamers and film buffs you can continue well into the night.



                               A Massive Turnout

Nothing could prepare me for the sheer amount of people that had turned up to the event on the Saturday of the show, choosing to get just a standard ticket and arrive for eleven O'clock (it is £6.00 cheaper) , i was staggered when the i saw the size of the queue for tickets which filled a entire hall by itself. Luckily it took about only about 30-40 minutes to get to actually buy a ticket ,not bad considering the hundreds of people.

Plus with the public all in a good mood (many in their Cosplay outfits) the time passed quickly. plus most people had their money ready so the transaction was done swiftly,though i noticed one guy who strolled up to the booth and shuffled around his pockets for money ,then dropped it all over the floor in change (it's you guys that slow the whole world down) but anyway once purchased which was great as standing in my high heel boots where proving a experience.

Then once entering the event i thought i had been squeezed into a jar. There where so many people ,but once you got to the middle it seemed OK ,well you could walk without kicking your fellow man in the shins. 



Sunday Stroll in the Park

 What's crazy on Sunday i left slightly later got there thinking i was so happy i was wearing flatter boots and when i went to purchase a ticket the hall was more or less empty ,entering the venue was a breeze, it seemed after the crazy heat of Saturday and Sunday being Hotter many stayed away for the second day or where outside the venue taking part in their Cosplay Antics and boogieing to the music. 

             Games - Cosplay -Stars- Memorabilia

Now i was in the mood for some gaming ,perusing the various publishers i could see there where not as many as the October show of 2011.Namco and Nintendo where there in force as where Tecmo/Koei .But Sega had a small section towards the back of the show and Capcom seemed to be missing (they had a giant stand last October) but if your in the know ,your know that the big games come the end of the year ,but one game being showcased was the new Dead or Alive 5 (and the first made without it's creator) Now heading towards the stand i could see the game and i could see the queues to get a chance to play it too.


Waiting for a go of DOA5 


Captain Jack Sparrow was willing to shoot anybody pushing in. 

The game looked pretty but just waiting to get a go seemed pointless as i would have wasted time, I returned on the Sunday and actually got on a machine in seconds ,i can justifiably say the game looks magnificent ,but as far as any major game play changes i would say it pretty much is the same game as no' four or three ,in fact it plays like it did on Dreamcast all those years ago (but that's no bad thing), any way what we all want is new scenarios,new characters and costumes and that' what you get. 

There where a couple of new announcements in the games front ,with a new Lego Batman game being shown ,and on the stand they had this massive Batman made out of LEGO ,i thought one guy who nearly attacked it was going to break it.I was waiting to see if security took him away ,he was so excited by it.

 To think this was made of LEGO ,amazing!

Another big game being shown was Star Wars Kinect for the 360 with consumers lining up for a go on it. 

To be honest there where not many games i wanted to try as many where from last year i looked at a couple of Wii titles and a 3DS RPG title. It looks like i will have to wait till later in the year to get hands on with the big new games.

   You will need a bank loan to visit the show unless your strong minded

It may be only a Tenner for a standard ticket to the show,but with the many stalls inside selling DVD and Bluray's ,Video Games ,plush toys,bags,Posters and even weapons and cosplay outfits and many at quite reasonable prices ,you could quite easily load up your car and spend a couple hundred quid on stuff you may never use.It's easy i kept looking around,thinking i want that ,ohh and that . I tell you these places can make your wallet very light. But i must admit i was very good and only bought a few DVD's ,but i nearly purchased a lot more.


View the latest film trailers and sit in on Star Interviews

Another aspect of expo are the Star guests from Film ,TV ,Anime and Games .This year was no exception ,with voice actors Stephanie Sheh and Michael Sinterniklass who where there promoting the Manga UK release of Anime 'Welcome to the Space Show'' ,which looks awesome by the way.Stephanie Sheh and Michael Sinterniklass at MCM.


But the big highlight of the weekend was the appearance of Hollywood star Danny Devito who is in London doing a Play till July called the Sunshine Boys. He also had just finished doing a voice over for the lead in a new Animation from Universal pictures .



Danny voices the main character ,The Lorax, in the similar named title.He also gave some insight for new ventures and seemed to be enjoying himself as much as the crowd..


 Danny DeVito Talks Arnie

Of course there where other stars appearing   like Elvira  ( who i had a quick glimpse of ) but as i wanted to see and do other things it was impossible to sit in on all the interviews without missing something else.




Check out the Photo Gallery for more photos

                      Cosplay88 at May eXpo

Here are some groovy shots of Cosplay88 taken at Excel on the Saturday and Sunday shot by the River at the show venue.





Here are a few videos from the show ,a couple are the sites own while a couple are from the many hundreds found on youtube including my own.




              See Everyone at the October show

Though there are a couple of other events before October that feature Cosplay,Games and more. It's the Big October event many look forward to . So as we wait with baited breath it's time for you all to decide what your wearing to the next one. Watch This Space.