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           MCM Comic Con London - May 2013


MCM Comic Con May 2013

Sunday 26th May 2013

The weekend of the 24th-26th of May saw the MCM Comic Con hit London's Excel , the event is the first of two London shows held each year ,showcasing the latest games,TV shows ,films and more.

Cosplay is a big part of MCM now with cosplay competitions and gives a chance for cosplayers to meet like minded people. There are many groups that meet up for photo shoots , look around and your see the entire cast from a series or Manga walking past you, some of the most popular being Bleach,Naruto or High School of the Dead ,but even the video games have their followers with large groups of Street Fighter characters ,Assassins Creed or Pikachu ,which seem to be everywhere.

We only got to attend the one day this May and didn't really plan for cosplay , though I did put together a quick look of Jacky from Virtua Fighter. Though my idea for flames on the back of my jacket didn't go all to plan .

And being as it ended being a hot day (really Hot) I felt like a baked potato at times dressed in my Leather Trousers and Jacket (see should have worn a skirt) our main plan was to get t see the latest games as we only had one day.

Now if your a frequent attendee of MCM your know that the October show is the one which showcases the biggest and most games ,mainly due to all the big games coming out for Christmas.


Ryu and Chun Li get it on on the Capcom stand

But we still had a few games to see, Nintendo where there with their Unleashed Tour ,showcasing a range of Wii U and 3DS games, with Luigis Mansion 2,Mario Kart ,Animal crossing and more on 3DS and the Wii U offering Resident Revelations,The Cave,Toki Tori 2 and Deus Ex Directors Cut on Nintendo’s new console.

One of our main objectives was to play Deus Ex on the U . Lucky enough being early and their being more then one machine running it ,we got a go. And we must say we where mighty impressed by the visuals and the game play and action.

With games like Resident Evil and the Cave there are demo’s available on the Nintendo Eshop. But of course for gamers new to the system and maybe looking to buy one the range of games to play was very good.

Tecmo Koei where there with Dynasty Warriors 8 , we had a quick blast ,but if you know Dynasty Warriors ,there pretty much the same ,but it looked nice and we had a quick go of the PS3 version.

The Big game release was Deadpool, but the queues for this where quite long and with no time limit restriction for players ,so though we got to see it ,and it looks cool ,where have to wait for a downloadable demo before we can pass judgement on how cool.

Another first person shooter we tried was Metro Last Light on Xbox 360 , unlike Deus Ex 's quick to see the action scenario Metro had you wasting time walking around various areas ,and when the action did start I found it quite messy and my partner in gaming was like I'm bored.

We even got to see Tekken Card Captors on Android ,well that was a strange idea and one which ended up with me closing the game down on my Tablet and taking a picture of the booth (I'm really good with these tablet things) we left that stand .

Namco Bandai stand

So Game wise it wasn't bad ,but unlike the October show which has many more publishers showing their wares ,there just wasn't enough to go round for the gamers that wanted to play.

Lucky with the weather being hot ,many where outside listening to the stage acts at the MCM fringe stage. Many cosplayers where outside to having photo shoots and posing for fans.

Enjoying the mini heat wave

There was one group of people that decided they would be Spiderman and try and scale the glass roof of the Excel Foyer , I was waiting for the Glass to give way and see who got cut to shreds. But they where lucky and no one was hurt.

The MCM theatres played host to Stage interviews with the stars and showed the latest forthcoming film and TV clips.

There where stars on hand for Autograph signings and photo Shoots. With the likes of Crystal Reed ,Tom Hopper,Rob Van Dam and Shinichiro Watanabe attracting some of the largest crowds on the Sunday .

Crystal Reed (Teen Wolf CSI,CSI NY,) at the photo booth

WWE and TNA wrestling Legend Rob Van Dam


Also the other big element of MCM is the seller stalls who sell the media inspired Plushy toys ,figures,Posters and clothing that make many obsessed with certain Anime,Films ,Games and TV so that they end up cosplaying their favourite characters. It's one big circle that drives the wheels that make the entertainment industry so successful for many different forms of Media and business.

Because we all like escapism whether it be gaming,films,comic books or even dressing up and being someone else for the day. And the crazy thing about MCM and many shows like it including Hyper Japan ,London Film and Comic Con ,because of the connectivity between the fans the events always seem so friendly ,which make them a ideal family affair.

Don't be scared it's not a real Zombie , or is it?

The only thing we missed on Sunday was the cosparade which was on at 3PM . We had to leave by then . But rest assured we'll be back in October for both Saturday and Sunday and will get to see more like we did last year.

The next show we are attending is the London Film and Comic Con at Earls Court 2 at the beginning of July ,but again only for the Sunday ,but end of July sees the Hyper Japan show pounce on us once more and where be there for all three days again. So look out for us there.

We really didn't get enough photos partly due to gaming some of the time , so there is no photos in the gallery for this show ,all photos are on this page and a few published to our Facebook page.


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