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            MCM Expo October 2012




MCM Expo October 2012

The end of October saw MCM Expo return to the Excel center in London's Docklands.

The October show is the premier expo of the year for all Cosplayers in the UK .You really see as many people dressed up in costumes as you do visitors who are not.

The show is also a showcase for many of the latest video games across all formats . The organisation had changed a bit from previous shows with controlled queues and limited time allowed on many games ,which is better as everyone got to experience more games compared to previous shows where it was a free for all and you sometimes waited ages and had to pounce on a machine to get a go.

It makes the event more pleasant and you can chat to fellow gamers while waiting for your turn.

Of course this time Nintendo was showing their new Wii U console , Nintendo had structured two queues ,one for the Wii U experience while some chose to just experience Zombie U game while others queued twice to get a blast on all games.

Nintendo's Wii U

MCM expo also plays host to many stars of TV and film who come over to promote their latest Movie,series or book.

Now unlike the May event which featured outside set up of music and stages as it was so cold the few that ventured outside came in ,especially if they where scantily clad.

Now being that this is a cosplay site of course I ventured out in cosplay for the two days I attended .

After a early start I got to Excel just before 10.30, it would have been sooner but as I was cosplaying it took me longer to get ready then expected. .In my Yumerio Patissiere School girl uniform ,which consisted of a quite a short skirt I exited the car in Excel's car park to a strong breeze, thank god it was warm inside the center .

Any way my first day consisted of getting in queue for the Wii U , I wanted to get a look and play some games prior to the consoles release . That way I could see what's worth buying for the new system when it releases on the 30th of November.

Now I had experienced the Wii U at this years Eurogamer expo where I had already played Rayman Legends and Trine 2 directors cut. Now I wanted to see what Mario was like and how wonderful is the Wonderful 101 ?

Well to be honest the Wonderful 101 is a really cool game and I got to do quite few stages to. It would definitely be one for the list of games I would buy . To be honest I found New Mario Bros OK ,not really my usual type of game but would I personally buy it I don't know.

Now one game that did surprise me was Darksiders 2 ,in this fantasy action game where you paly one of the four horseman of the Apocalypse. It's a hack and slash game with some RPG overtones.


Darksiders - good ,but little use of Wii U pad made 


Though the game is a multi platform release I quite enjoyed it.

Whether I would indulge on the Wii U depends on the price as the Wii U version offers little to no use of the Gamepad other then superficial stuff that matters not.

The Wii U Game-pad 

I must say whilst waiting in queue the Nintendo guys where friendly ,they where curious about my costume and what series or game it was from . They did think I did a good job and put a lot of effort into it which was cool of them. We even had a picture taken ,what his friends will think of him hugging a guy dressed as a school girl I don't know !

After my gaming experience I ventured round the stalls to see what goodies where on offer ,one thing you can do at MCM is spend money on many items from Plushies,DVD's, Games and anything related to media based products .

I was pleasantly surprised to see the guys and girls from Terracotta film and and I think they where surprised to see me to ,especially when Joey recognised me and I thought hell your not supposed to know who I am , I reckon I just have that face you just know ,even when wearing a wig and makeup.

GYO -  Review on site soon

I did indulge in some films ,as I usually do ,one which is a Japanese horror anime called Tokyo Fish Attack ( which will be reviewed on site soon) , I also wanted to get some pictures of the cosplayers around to ,so as I went through the show I stopped various cosplayers and asked to snap them . As always they obliged. I got some cool shots I must say.

Unlike the may event where I sat in on a couple of stage events and talks I chose not to this year ,mainly because I did not know to many of the people appearing other then Bill Paxton who was there to promote his new novel , but I did hear the crowds applaud when he came on stage though in the enclosed theater .

I did venture outside to see what was going on ,but a few minutes out there the way I was dressed was enough to freeze my legs to bits so I quickly got back inside.

Outside visitors braved the chilly air.

I also wanted to get a few shots of myself in my costume so took a few shots with a tripod inside the center .

There where also various cosplay events happening on the cosplay stage ,with people dancing and such like. Also they had a game competition stage set up for anybody wanting to compete.

The Cosplay Stage

I was just happy to venture round and taking shots and looking at the new games and items on sale whilst snapping various people and stands.

All in all my first day was cool ,i was tired though and thought I best get home before the big exodus home .

The next day I was planning to cosplay as REMY from Street fighter 3 Third Strike. But as I could not get a certain detail finished I chose in the end to try and do a triple cosplay on Sunday.

I arrived at excel (which was packed due to another event) yes a kind of religious event was going on from the looks of it ,with many African looking people turning up in their Sunday best to attend . Merge this with hundreds of cosplayers ,dressed in some of the most outrageous outfits and it's quite a sight to see , I myself in my Supergirl outfit.

The main hall was less busy on the Sunday ,so I got more chance to see more games without to much waiting in Queues . After a couple of hours I changed into my Erika Fire Emblem Outfit ( yes I know I do like to cosplay girls, it's because I'm of slight build) and also I do like a challenge.

There was a good stand selling some Anime and I indulged once again ,picking up some material for future review on site. Yes I have a pile of stuff to review ,now I just need the time to watch them.

I saw the queue for Tomb Raider was quite short so I dived in ,Now Tomb Raider is such a iconic game ,it was great to see this new version and play the Beta they had on show. The graphics are amazing ,you can't tell the difference between the movie sections and the game play . I stood there for a few seconds in the game not realising this was it I just had to move Lara. WOW!

Tomb Raider Reboot by Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix

After playing I received a poster of the game ,which was cool.

Back around the stalls and I managed to avoid spending any more money. Now I figured out I could do three cosplays in 6 hours ,so two hours each ,it was time for a change and some food. I brought some munch with me on the Sunday and some tea.

First up was to get some more shots of myself in the Erika outfit ,i chose to shoot them in the car park for a different effect ( others where doing the same) I set up my tripod and took some shots and a small video ,but I had to get some food in me as it was quite chilly in the car park even though it's under cover.

After some munch I thought right time for change ,back into my Yumerio Patissire costume for the final couple of hours.

Back in the main hall I myself got asked for pictures , a young Japanese lady pounced on me asking for a photo ,of course I obliged .

I wanted to get some more footage of the show ,so I walked round taking video ,hoping to capture some good shots of cosplayers just walking about. I do like a natural shot sometimes as opposed to someone posing their character. I think it looks quite crazy to see everyone just mooching about in all their costumes,it's just great .

I stopped by the Rising Star games stand where they where selling some cheap games , I managed to pick up three titles for a mere £14 ,pretty cool ,i got into a conversation with the girl there , we where talking Shenmue ,everyone loves Shenmue or at least they should. .

Now one game I was wanting to see was TANK TANK TANK , now Namco Bandai where there showing of the title, towards the end of the show I managed jump on a machine (the stand was free for all ,grab it when you can) , now the game is a 2009 Japanese arcade game ,and the Wii U version was announced at E3 .

It looks really clever ,but I did find the tank control odd ,but as the title is being released at a budget price it looks like it might be a hit ,it is a multi player game ,so the lone gamer need not apply. Even with a single player mode I think it may be short lived ,you need friends for this one.

MCM October was great fun ,i got to play some great games ,chat to some nice people and all whilst being part of the show in my cosplays.

There where some amazing cosplays at the show ,some people must have spent hundreds doing them, once again MCM was a great event with so much to offer ,there's never enough time to see and do everything ,you often have to compromise on some events , You often find time flying as you get wrapped up in the cosplay side of things ,hopefully in May 2013's show I'll try and structure my time there more. Having only cosplayed from the beginning of this year I probably have not grasped the full concept of it yet ,i have had fun exploring the idea of it and never new I would enjoy it so.

Check the Photo's below and the photo gallery to for even more shots of the event .

So next up on the Cosplay Calendar is Hyper Japan Christmas .Hope to see you all there for another fix of fun.

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